Friday 20 November 2009

Mathieu Melanson commits to STU for 2010-2011

In a surprise announcement, the Tommies have added Mathieu Melanson to the roster for the 2010-2011 season. Mathieu has played pro hockey for portions of the past three years that also included a 9 game stint in the AUS.

Melanson will be a point producer in this league and will be a key addition up front for STU. Daily Gleaner Article
Photo Credit: QMJHL


  1. The timing of this announcement is very,very suspicious and is likely leaked to temper the adverse reaction of finding out that Dulle & Banfield are out of the line-up for tonights critical match up with U de M.
    It was more than an unwise decision to appeal the suspensions to have them appear in last weekends games at the risk of them not being available for the Moncton game.

    The decision taken by Eagles & advisors demonstrates another level of incompetance by the Men's hockey leadership;what sence does a decision to appeal make which results in having 2 of the teams best not available for a key match-up?

  2. I asked Eagles the same question. His reply:
    "It's a question of what you believe in. We believe in our guys."
    As it turns out, it's in the hands of the judicial review committee, led by Ron MacDonald, a crown prosecuter, and two others, and there was some question as to the process and how it was handled, before they even rule on the question of the suspensions.
    So Dulle and Banfield will be available tonight anyway.
    Whether the suspensions are ultimately upheld or not, you can't blame Eagles for backing his guys, and it sends a message to the rest of the team that he would do the same for them. That's good leadership, not suspect.
    Why not applaud the man for adding a pretty good hockey player instead?

  3. Right on Bill Hunt,the landing of Mathieu Melanson is a good one and there is nothing wrong with a coach who backs his players and anyway I personally saw this group of warriors beat U de M in preseason with 8 players out by the 3rd period up in the stands with me watching what was left BEAT Moncton so LET'S GO TOMMIES tonight at the BEAV.

  4. MATHIEU MELANSON!!! What a pickup!

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  5. Video Guy: don't forget Mathieu Melanson was the guy who played three or four games at Dal before bailing on Fabien Joesph. That doesn't speak much for his character or sense of commitment. People deserve a second chance, for sure, and hopefully Melanson is sincere about wanting to play here. Let's hope so, but I wouldn't go blowing the trumphets quite yet.

  6. Anonymous -

    Don't forget that was a 20 year old Matt Melanson with pro dreams still. I mean obviously committing and showing up are two different things, but give it some time, eh? He's three years older, and would have had to think hard about it to come here.

    Anonymous (1st commenter) -

    Announcing a recruit on a Friday afternoon wouldn't shoulder the news of losing two guys to suspensions (which we didn't anyway). Apples to oranges. If he was coming at Christmas maybe.

  7. I looked the kid in the eye. He seems sincere. If you read the story, he said he went to Joseph and said his heart wasn't in it and it wasn't fair. He wanted to play pro.
    He's past that now. Give the kid a chance.

  8. Anonymous- I agree with Bill. If he was man enough to tell the coach his heart isint into it, i would give him the free pass.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  9. Give him a pass for no other reason than... who the hell else is going to come?