Thursday 19 November 2009


Playing or not?: That is the question and we don't have an answer yet. The AUS has still not heard the appeal on Kenton Dulle and Corey Banfield's suspensions. They should be heard today. Dave Crossman should be in the line-up Friday night versus Moncton, Charles Lavigne is still out for sure, Tyler Dietrich and Bryan Main are still question marks. Daily Gleaner Article

Lady Tommies on CHSR: Finally a little radio love for STU women's hockey. Last Friday night's game versus Moncton was their first on College Hill Radio and it won't be the last. The next live broadcast will be November 28th at the LBR vs. Moncton. If memory serves me correctly, I believe this will also be a residence challenge. Should be a good, loud crowd for the Tommies.

Walking wounded returning: Most of the Tommies should be back in the line-up this weekend. Kayla Blackmore is the only one that will probably remain sidelined.

Not STU news but news nevertheless: The UPEI Panthers men's team have lost their coach Dylan Taylor and 2 assistants. Bruce Hallihan's article in today's Gleaner touches on this surprise. If you're interested in reading the gossip "blogs" Bruce refers to, please check HERE for HF Boards and HERE for the Charlottetown Guardian article with comments at the bottom.

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