Sunday 30 August 2009

Former Tommie Seymour Belgium Bound

Matt Seymour will bring his on-ice agitating ways to Belgium this fall. "Matty" has signed on with 2009 Belgium Ice Hockey Federation Champions HYC Fintro [link] of Herentals, Belgium as a player-coach.

After finishing with the Tommies in 2007 - 2008, Matt was accepted into the Education program at St. Thomas, subsequently graduating with his Bachelor of Education degree. With hockey still in his blood and a desire to experience life overseas, he began to seek out opportunities and found one through former Toronto St. Michael's Majors (OHL) teammate Craig Foster. Matt tells "I told him that I was interested in playing, and he got me in touch with his team. After speaking with them I knew right away it was going to be a great opportunity. I soon found out that they wanted me to play, and also coach. I am very interested in coaching in the future so this made it an even better opportunity."

And what an opportunity this is, as Seymour's signing underscores the point that it is possible to earn a university education without giving up on future pro aspirations. Congratulations Matt, for taking care of your future first. As Seymour says "it was a difficult decision to make as I really enjoyed this past school year and I am eager to start my career as a teacher. On the other hand I still feel that desire to play at a high level, and if I do not go overseas I will always wonder 'what if?'".

"Once a Tommie, Always a Tommie" - you do the St. Thomas University community proud, Matt. And we haven't forgotten your 5 point night against the Squirrels.

Matt's experience should be a lesson for future Tommies' recruits. Attending St. Thomas University gives you more than just a degree. It is "for all the things you'll become".

Good luck, Matt and take it easy on the waffles.
Photo Credit (Matt Seymour): Ian MacAlpine

Thursday 27 August 2009

Great Scott! Tommies add MJAHL MVP

The St. Thomas University Tommies have added another piece to their offensive puzzle in MJAHL leading scorer and Most Valuable Player Jordan Scott.

This season's Most Valuable Player award goes to scoring champion Jordan Scott of the Yarmouth Mariners. Scott led the league with 89 points in 53 games this season (35 goals and 54 assists). In 2007/2008, Scott finished 5th in scoring with 70 points as he helped lead the Mariners to a Kent Cup Championship. [MJAHL]

Jordan was also the 2008 - 2009 MJAHL First Team All-Star at centre []

Tommies' Head Coach Mike Eagles calls Jordan "a good player that has continued to improve and is determined to prove himself in the AUS [who] gives us more depth offensively."

A sought-after CIS recruit, Jordan chose to come to St. Thomas where he will have at least one familiar face to skate with in former Halifax Wolverine teammate Corey Banfield.

Daily Gleaner Article

Wednesday 26 August 2009

Tommies alumni wanted

Andrew Sim is looking for any former Tommies interested in playing for their old alma mater in the Molson Old Stars challenge. If you suited up for the green and gold for one game then you are eligible.
Established in 2003, the Molson University Old Star Hockey Challenge is the largest and most successful alumni hockey tournament in Canada.

Canadian hockey fans who know their University hockey agree....the AUS (Atlantic University Sport) is home to the BEST university hockey conference in the country, annually producing a galaxy of elite players. Profiling former AUS stars (many with recent pro experience), the MOLSON OLD STAR tournament features 10 teams and 18 games over a two day period. The lineup includes all the current 8 AUS varsity hockey programs along with Mount Allison and Cape Breton University, two schools that were members of the AUAA until the mid-90s.
Please check this website for Andrew's contact information. The tournament will take place in Halifax starting Friday, September 25th and ending on Saturday, September 26th. This is a great way to catch up with old acquaintances and make new memories. Tournament Schedule

Photo Credit: Molson Old Stars Hockey Tournament

Monday 17 August 2009

Tommies "Reich" out west for latest recruit

The Tommies have added swift skating, tough-as-nails forward Mike Reich (pronounced "Ree-ch") from the Western Hockey League. The 5'11" 190 lb. Craik, Saskatchewan native spent parts of five seasons in the WHL, amassing 53 points and piling up 724 PIM in 248 career games.

WHL scouts spotted Reich's talent early, with the Spokane Chiefs selecting him 8th overall in the 2003 bantam entry draft. A big scorer entering junior, Reich's feisty play soon earned him a reputation for pugilism. It was a role he was comfortable with, and one his coaches exploited throughout his junior career. In 2007-2008 Reich was voted by WHL players and executives as the Eastern Conference's most irritating player. Commenting on the recognition, Reich said "It comes naturally, I guess. . . . When I was in bantam, I think I had a hundred goals and about 350 penalty minutes. Even in midget, I was at the top of the league in penalty minutes."

Sounds like a perfect fit for the LBR. A possible new Tommies' fan favourite. When asked how he saw himself adjusting to the university game from the junior/pro ranks Mike said "quite comfortably.... coming into junior I was looked at as a skilled player with lots of bite . Throughout my junior career I just seemed to be put in more of an enforcer role, which I didn't mind doing but look forward to the university game. I will bring an aggressive/agitating game to the Tommies." And we can't wait to see it!!!
Official STU announcement. & Daily Gleaner: Tommies addd WHL recruit


Jason Cassidy’s Blog: A productive off-season is a must

Jason Cassidy's latest entry at The Hockey News

Taking someone’s word can be a safe option, or it can backfire. Coaches haven’t officially landed a recruit until he arrives on campus and takes part in a practice. As a result, university hockey turns into a blindfolded game of poker in which all coaches are expected to come out with their chips lined up in perfect order.

Building a team around false hopes can be risky and tough to manage. Players select schools based on a few categories: the program, its location, the team’s reputation of winning and also the perks included (which is a whole other subject).

The summer months appear ever so quiet, but behind the scenes schools are searching for the foundation of their program.

Sunday 9 August 2009

STU Hockey alumni, another interesting success story

Here is an interesting little story about two former Tommies that had an idea and were able to "think for themselves". Here is a little more information to sink your teeth into.

Scott Seely is not your ordinary hockey dad. An alumnus of St. Thomas University in NB, Seely is a co-founder of the Ice Wizard and is about to launch L'il Rink, part of a grass roots hockey movement in Richmond, Va. Seely played for the STU Tommie's between 86-88, the Fredericton Alpines and a few years with the Fresno Falcons in California. He became a pilot for Delta airlines after his hockey stint, as well as the resident ice cleaner for the private rink his kids skated on. As Seely explains from his cottage in Saint John, "the Ice Wizard was born out of sheer laziness".

He developed the Ice Wizard with Ed Wisz in an effort to make cleaning the ice surface easier. The Ice Wizard is a tow vehicle that includes a water storage tank, an icebox, adjustable scraper, runs on (6) 6 volt batteries and a 3 point blade that raises the ice box up and down.Created in 2001, the Ice Wizard is targeted for rinks with 8,000 square feet or less. Forty-four units were sold to 22 countries in 2007, generating $450k in revenues.
STU Grad with Cool Ideas

If you would like to learn more about the Ice Wizard follow this link.
Ragged Point Industries News Articles
Photo credit: Ragged Point Industries

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Former Tommie sets example

Is there life after hockey? That is the question many graduating Canadian Hockey League 20 year olds will have to ask themselves. The answer is yes, and making that first step to make sure a solid foundation is in place after hockey is done, can be a tough decision. Former Tommies' player John Lafford knows first hand what a good education has done for him and life after hockey hasn't been that bad.
Fate called John to Ninuvic after graduation and it was here he taught school
for six years. But good fortune smiled when he became involved in brokering
Inuit art across Canada and into the United States. While much of his work could
be done from his office, it also called for him to travel fairly extensively.
This business, which he admits has been somewhat lucrative for all concerned,
still consumes much of his time -- usually it means two weeks there and two
weeks in Sackville overseeing his rapidly expanding business interests.
You can tell he looks back at his years spent at university as the keys to eventual success.
With two seasons with the Mounties under his belt, John opted to move to St.
Thomas, his dad’s alma mater, from where he earned a BA degree in 1999. Three
years there playing under coach Al McAdam, a former NHLer, was a great learning experience. “He was just such a great coach, fair with the players while
providing us with some great experiences.”
Congratulations John, thanks for your contribution to the Green and Gold and good luck with your future endeavours. Sackville Tribune article