Friday 20 November 2009

Tommies out-La-Chanced

In a game that could have been classified as much of a "must-win" for the Tommies as any other so far this season, STU fell 4-1 to UdeM tonight at the LBR. Facing the 2-9 8th place Aigles Bleus, St. Thomas mustered only 6 shots on goal in the first period, finding themselves down 2-0 after 20 minutes on goals from Piere-Andre Bureau and Mathieu Betournay. Moncton outshot STU 10-6 in the first frame.

The Tommies came out stronger in the 2nd period, and Jason Cassidy appeared to have beaten UdeM goaltender Kevin Lachance, but the goal judge did not signal a goal and the referee immediately waved it off. STU continued to press and had opportunities, but Lachance made big saves off Kenton Dulle, Jordan Scott and Matt Eagles to keep the Tommies scoreless. Remi Gautreau scored on a 3-on-1 to give Moncton a 3-0 lead after 40 minutes. St. Thomas outshot Les Aigles Bleus 13-9 and the teams were even at 19 apiece after the second, but Moncton took a commanding lead into the intermission.

Mike Reich finally got the Tommies on the board at 11:28 with his first goal as a Tommie, with assists going to Kenton Dulle and Wes Welcher. But that was as close as STU would get, and Moncton finished off the Tommies with Betournay's second of the night into the empty net with just 45 seconds remaining. Ben MacFarlane was tagged with the loss, as UdeM outshot STU 29-28 for the 4-1 win.

With the victory, Moncton improved to 3-9-0 while Dalhousie fell 3-2 to Acadia in Halifax. Both the Tigers and Les Aigles Bleus have 6 points after 12 games and sit 1 point behind the Tommies, who maintain their precarious hold on the final playoff spot with just 2 games remaining before the Christmas break. Daily Gleaner: Aigles Bleus soar past struggling Tommies

Those final 2 games come next weekend as STU hosts UPEI on Friday night and then travel up the hill to visit the Squirrels on Saturday.

How large does the overtime loss extra point against the Squirrels look right now?


  1. I am not a Maple Leaf fan ,but I felt like I was watching them tonight. The second period was good, unfortunately none of the chances paid off.
    That point from the Squirrels looks good right now.
    Hopefully they will come out of their funk before next weekend,no points in five games,very discouraging.
    It would be nice if the Refs would get their act together.


  2. Waiting for Video guy to complain about refs, goal judges, and tell us that it is all up to the players re winning and that injuries, sigh are the reasons for flat play. Perhaps I should believe him that recruiting, motivation, and winning are all outside of the coach err Athletic Director err both err, what is it he does, doesn't do....actually I know what he doesn't do...recruit, win, motivate, maintain accountability etc etc etc. Perhaps new Uniforms, a new rink and a successuful exhibition win against one of the local high school teams, varisity boys or varsity women could secure his position. At least he has no fear of the same fate as UPEI coach. If his players rebel, his AD, himself, would just fire the players and go get new ones.

    STU Hockey gets too much Money Guy (SHGTMMG)

  3. Not ready to play,again;no finish and 4 goals scored in 5 games? a lot of flurry from some with no results and supposed 1st liners taking misconduct penalties and other supposed 1st liners having no even strength goals and if you don't score you can't win,that's pretty basic.
    Coaching must take responsibility here as they prepare the team and send the lines out in whatever combinations and it looks like another year of not measuring up and languishing in the celler.
    I have been silent up to now but it's time to revisit mine and others complaints about the STU mens hockey leadership,there is presently a need for some defensive help and although it's good to land a quality player for 2001 and 2012,the need is now and does not seemingly being addressed and the recruiting failure of Eagles and company is becomming more apparent with each passing game.
    Earlier calls for Eagles to pull a Dylan Taylor has my sympathys and does not go far enough as I do not believe that he warrents eve being the Atheletic Director.

    A close examination of the recruiting history reveals a disaster of poor quality recruits many of whom left the program without degrees and Eagls best years were with recruits left over from previous coaching administrations;8+ yeras has produced almost nothing of quality,it is high time that the program gets back to respetability which I do not believe will ever happen under Mike Eagles.

    Immediate recruiting help is needed immediately and I do not think that the present leadership is going to get it done.


  4. I remember a few years ago watching from the stands when Danny Grant was on the bench. A classy hockey player and a classy coach. From what I saw he leaned against the wall of the bench and Eagles asked for no imput from him. I wonder what might be the result if he was under an Athletic Director who would want to right the ship mid season? he has to know that he has to out-recruit Moncton and the others during the break.

  5. Crazy Horse from his many spelling errors obviously didn't attend university, or if he did, probably had issues with his written presentations. Regardless, he's right there's got to be some recognition that Coach Eagles is unable or unwilling to compete from a recruiting standpoint. This school should have more going for it than what we've seen over the past couple of seasons. I really don't believe he should be doing both jobs, particularly since hockey is the lone CIS sport the school has. He can't focus on what he needs to do there and also tend to his athletic directorships duties as well. Time to make a decision, Mike. Or have one made for him.

  6. To the above anonymous,you're right,I did not attend university,I graduated from UNB with an English major and do the goodest I can.


  7. Nice shot! Your language teacher would be proud.


    Wow, what a callout! hah. I thought the game last night was well reffed. Imparital and fair, probably the best reffed home game this season.

    its up to the team to win, but it falls with the players. Dosent help matters much when you run into a hot goalie like Lachance. We out hit them, out faceoffed them, out played them for 50 minutes of the game, but you run into a hot goalie, everything is thrown out the window.

    Injuries are a factor. You probably cant tell but from talking to other STU fans, the team is more confident with Lavinge in net. You probably looked at the end result and not factored that in.

    Everyone was motivated. You dont sit behind the bench like I do and cant hear the boys talk about getting the next one and playing better and winning the game. Plus, i am at the rink early enough for the chalk talk and the players were ready to play.

    Next time you try calling me out, wait till i am posting to do it.

    PS. Dosent surprise me CRAZY HORSE is back. Wasnt here when the team was flying.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  9. I agree with you Video Guy a little about the Refereeing ,but there were at least a couple of non calls that should have been.
    They just do not like STU.
    Other then the second period they were not a good hockey team on this night.
    To those who think this team is a loss cause,that is farther from the truth. This team is a good team and will come around and will make the playoffs.So put that in your pipe and smoke it.
    OilSlick/STU Alummni

  10. STU did NOT outplay UdeM last night. And if they were so motivated, why did their own captain call them out in the Gleaner after the game? Motivation shows through action a lot more than words. CRAZY HORSE - not here when they were flying? I can excuse anyone for leaving for 5 minutes.

  11. They were flying when they beat last place Moncton in their first game....when they beat 7th place Dal to improve to 2-2...or when they beat Dal again in OT to move to 3-3-1...

  12. SHGTMM

    Video Guy, you are too petty to continue to argue with, so I discontinue.

    With the money, pride, and status STU money people, Alumni, influencial fans will not be satisfied playing each season for supremecy of the bottom dwelling teams. Get ready to say good bye to either coach or AD. They may let him stay on as AD.

  13. SHGTMM,

    like I have consitently said, Mike being coach and AD has ZIP to do with the team struggles. The team has in the basement, what, one year and we hit a rut now and everyone is calling for his head. The teams struggles have to do with their top D being out, Dietrich and Lavinge out. Not to mention the home weekend against SMU and Acadia, 11 guys were sick. Do we blame Eagles for putting the flu or injury bug with the team. Once everyone is back, we will have a better go of it.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  14. He can't do both jobs and give them justice. He's not the first guy to try and not have it pan out, regadless of how hard he says he works at it. He's the coach of the hockey team and coaching is about recruiting as well. can he focus on that when he's got AD stuff to worry about as well. Something has to suffer. Having said that, hopefully Melanson will prove to be a good pickup next season, if indeed he doesn't change his mind.

  15. Recruitment failures at STU continue,the scenario goes like this,the talent requires is unrecognizable by one Mike Eagles and the likes of a Bem Breault ends up at Dal ,a 7th round draft choice and puts up big numbers,apparently not the formulae to be a Tommie......when will this incompetance end?

    STU fan.