Wednesday 5 August 2009

Former Tommie sets example

Is there life after hockey? That is the question many graduating Canadian Hockey League 20 year olds will have to ask themselves. The answer is yes, and making that first step to make sure a solid foundation is in place after hockey is done, can be a tough decision. Former Tommies' player John Lafford knows first hand what a good education has done for him and life after hockey hasn't been that bad.
Fate called John to Ninuvic after graduation and it was here he taught school
for six years. But good fortune smiled when he became involved in brokering
Inuit art across Canada and into the United States. While much of his work could
be done from his office, it also called for him to travel fairly extensively.
This business, which he admits has been somewhat lucrative for all concerned,
still consumes much of his time -- usually it means two weeks there and two
weeks in Sackville overseeing his rapidly expanding business interests.
You can tell he looks back at his years spent at university as the keys to eventual success.
With two seasons with the Mounties under his belt, John opted to move to St.
Thomas, his dad’s alma mater, from where he earned a BA degree in 1999. Three
years there playing under coach Al McAdam, a former NHLer, was a great learning experience. “He was just such a great coach, fair with the players while
providing us with some great experiences.”
Congratulations John, thanks for your contribution to the Green and Gold and good luck with your future endeavours. Sackville Tribune article

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  1. Congratulations John, your success inlife was predictable and your Father would be so proud as he was always of your accomplishments,you probably never knew how far back "Pat" and I went back as we were both Saint John Northenders,maybe we will catch you at a Tommies game?

    Barry Collrin,STU 68