Monday 27 July 2009

Tommies Men's Preseason Schedule Released

The Tommies Men have released the 2009-10 preseason schedule. The schedule features two home games, with the President's Cup tilt opening exhibition against the $quirrels on Sept. 15th, and the final tuneup game against Dalhousie on Oct. 9th. In between, a pair of road games against Moncton and UPEI and of course, the big NCAA trip to Northeastern and Sacred Heart.

Here's the complete schedule:

9/15 vs. UNB
9/18 @ UPEI
9/25 @ UdeM
10/3 @ Northeastern
10/4 @ Sacred Heart
10/9 vs. Dalhousie


  1. so we get one exhibiton home game because i seriously doubt the LBR will host the presidents cup?

    ~"Soon To Be Former" Tommies Video Guy

  2. I believe they are hosting it this year...atleast according to the UNB schedule they are...

  3. A careful reading of the post would tell you they have TWO home games, against UNB & DAL.

  4. yeah i know To A T that careful reading would suggest, it would just make more sense at the AUC since its bigger and its been there every year its been held. I was just asking if it was true.

  5. That's not quite accurate. Last year they played the Presidents' Cup in Woodstock as a benefit game ...