Sunday 9 August 2009

STU Hockey alumni, another interesting success story

Here is an interesting little story about two former Tommies that had an idea and were able to "think for themselves". Here is a little more information to sink your teeth into.

Scott Seely is not your ordinary hockey dad. An alumnus of St. Thomas University in NB, Seely is a co-founder of the Ice Wizard and is about to launch L'il Rink, part of a grass roots hockey movement in Richmond, Va. Seely played for the STU Tommie's between 86-88, the Fredericton Alpines and a few years with the Fresno Falcons in California. He became a pilot for Delta airlines after his hockey stint, as well as the resident ice cleaner for the private rink his kids skated on. As Seely explains from his cottage in Saint John, "the Ice Wizard was born out of sheer laziness".

He developed the Ice Wizard with Ed Wisz in an effort to make cleaning the ice surface easier. The Ice Wizard is a tow vehicle that includes a water storage tank, an icebox, adjustable scraper, runs on (6) 6 volt batteries and a 3 point blade that raises the ice box up and down.Created in 2001, the Ice Wizard is targeted for rinks with 8,000 square feet or less. Forty-four units were sold to 22 countries in 2007, generating $450k in revenues.
STU Grad with Cool Ideas

If you would like to learn more about the Ice Wizard follow this link.
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