Thursday 23 July 2009

Two more quality players for Lady Tommies

Coach Peter Murphy is not going to be satisfied until he gets an AUS Championship banner hanging from the rafters and this may be the year. The Lady Tommies have added a pair of dandies to their already impressive line-up for next season. One is a home grown talent with deep Tommies roots and the other is a hard working Saskatchewan girl.

Amy Kelbaugh hails from Springside, Saskatchewan which is approximately 250 KM northeast of Regina. She has played the past three seasons with the Weyburn Penta Gold Wings of the Saskatchewan Female Midget Hockey League and lead her team in points, not to mention the team MVP. A leader on her team, Amy is going to be a great asset to St. Thomas. (How can you not love Saskatchewan players? The home Province of Mr. Hockey - Gordie Howe.)
Amy is a speedy forward with great determination on the puck. She is a great skater and looks to make the difference in every game as shown by her five game-winning goals last year. She will add to our depth at the forward position and will make any line she plays on better,” said Coach Murphy.
Amanda Burns comes to STU after playing last year at Kent Hills prep school of Maine. A native of New Maryland, her father Chris Burns played for the men's Tommies back in the 90's. Here is a great article about Amanda by Bruce Hallihan of the Daily Gleaner.

"She's a powerful skater and she has the ability to see the ice," [Kim] Nanof said. "I think it comes really naturally to her. She's one of those kids who sees the
game before it happens. She's more defensive-minded but when she plays with
confidence, she also has a really great ability to rush the puck."

Burns played for the Fredericton High School Lady Black Kats hockey team when she was 14, but Kayla Blackmore, a former Lady Kat now in her rookie season at St. Thomas, went to Kents Hill in Grade 9.

Blackmore returned home so she could play for New Brunswick at the Canada Games, but she enjoyed the experience and encouraged Burns to try that route. Another STU player, Lyse Rossignol, graduated from Kents Hill.

We are looking forward to seeing both of these great athletes play for the Green and Gold. To read the full STU Athletics press release CLICK HERE.

Daily Gleaner Article by Bill Hunt


  1. Barry Collrin, B.A. 68Fri Jul 24, 06:18:00 pm GMT-3

    I see where the "ladies Tommies" have gone west in there recruiting efforts,Saskatchewan I believe and to borrow from somebody else's submission about recruiting and quoting a rule that "you can't have too many Nefoundland,Laradorians on a hockey team", I would add that goes for Saskatchewan as well,a good hockey team CANNOT have too many from Saskatchewan,can the mens team find any???

  2. BARRY COLLRIN,B.A. 68Fri Jul 24, 06:31:00 pm GMT-3

    P.S.apoloigies to AMANDA BURNS:
    It is always nice to see the offspring of one of our own(Chris Burns)return to home base and Amandas considerable talents will surely be appreciated even though she isn't from Saskatchewan(sp?) LOL.

    Barry Collrin,B.A. 68

  3. Barry,

    Amy joins Alexis Laird who returns and you never know what can happen between now and September.

    I agree, Sask players are great and I am sure Amy will do very well for us.
    I also agree, Amanda Burns is great too.


  4. What are hockey players who choose STU's womens hockey program called?

    Brilliant,wise,discriminating,visionary,well informed,smart thinkers,great people,potential world leaders ,future great parents .

    NOTE: no need to mention UNB in this submission as,oh yeah,the chauvinist minded leadership at UNB cancelled the program.

  5. Wow...this debate again, eh? You mean just like how the "chauvinist minded leadership at UNB" cancelled the mens swimming program and gave more funding to the womens team? Just like how the "chauvinist minded leadership at UNB" cuts teams that affected 62male athletes and 60 female athletes?? I always laugh at how people conveniently forget about this stuff.

  6. How many times does it have to be said before people get wasn't a gender was an economic thing...plain and simple.

  7. To be fair, UNB screwed both men and women equally in their quest to funnel resources to the men's hockey team.

  8. "FIGURES LIE and Liars FIGURE!"


  9. Nice logic... any other words of wisdom to support the brilliant comment that you made above.