Thursday 26 March 2009

Top 10 Players Continued

Well, I am back. I figured since I was thanked as a blogger I might as well say thank you to for all his hard work bringing us the news and information on the team.

#6- #9 Nick Theriault

Say what you want about Theriault, he is not a popular person when it comes to hockey. BUT, he was a force when it came for the Tommies, even risking damage to his knee in his last season in a last ditch effort to get the Tommies to Nationals in the last chance series against ST.FX. Nick got 19 goals, 37 assists, 56 points, and 241 penalty minutes. Nick had a phenomenal shot from the point where it would always find a hole through penalty kill coverage, and even tho he was 6'4", and a LISTED 225, he would skate fast for a bigger player. He had a knack for being a troublemaker, and there is some evidence about that, but he was a great player for the green and gold.

#5- #41 Thatcher Bell

I did not have any action shots about Thatcher Bell for some reason, but that does not mean Bellsy was in a crowd when it came to playing for STU. He was injury rattled his first 2 seasons, missing 29 games in those years. But he was a great linemate to Kyle McAllister and was benefitted by some plays by Macker. A great skater, Bellsy could wheel and was not afraid to go into traffic for some goals, including his OT winner over St. FX in 2006-2007 when he was on Danny Battachio's doorstep for the winner. Bell scored 21 goals, 36 assists, 57 points and 24 pim. I like to call Bell the "2nd Best Player from Murray Harbour, PEI" with Brad Richards being number 1, but thats not to say Bellsy was a hockey talent.
I will be back after the weekend I do believe. Its my birthday tomorrow and UNB intramural hockey playoffs on saturday so I will be quite distracted with that. But sunday should be the day where #4 and #3 will be revealed, then #2 with an honourable mention list (which if I did not throw my list out in the garbage cleaning my room) then #1. I want to hear from you guys via the comment box what your top 5 players are!


  1. rofl "Nick Theriault"!

    Nick is a joke, always has been. Look at how big of a pussy he is. Game 4 between Grand Lake and Black Harbour, two nights ago.. Shawn Woodcock (Grand lakes heavyweight) challenged Theriault to go.. Theriault backed down, then decided to try to fight Wilson later on that game.. somebodies who never fought before.

    Theriaults lame. Rather plays SHL hockey then in the CHL!

    I agree with Bell, 100%.

  2. well, noting that this fourm is about STU Tommies and Nick's contribution to STU Hockey, who cares about what he does in senior league. Everyone jumps everyone in that league.

  3. no they don't ^

    They point was that hes like 225 pounds, huge guy.. and picks on the smaller guys, and always get beat up.