Saturday 28 March 2009

#4 and #3 Players!

Well, I am back a day early from when I said the next players are revealed, so here we go
#4- #24 Matt Seymour

Matt Seymour was the heart and soul of the Tommies for the first 3 years I was there. He was very entertaining to watch and scored timely goals and wasnt afraid to go after the bigger players in the league for the puck with bodychecks. The Seymour show was in last years playoffs with the injury to Jeff Bateman when Seymour got to be on the top line with Bowers and Bourbeau. In 5 years, Seymour scored 28 goals, 37 assists, 65 points and 192pim. Seymour is the classic little dog in a fight, but was tough as nails.

#3- #25 Jeff Bateman

Bateman on pure skill was the best player, coming from a pro career with the Utah Grizzlies of the AHL and the Lexington Men O'War in the ECHL. Jeff had a tough first season being a target of the other teams because of where he came from. Not to mention he had injury difficultes, ending his STU career at the Aitken Centre during the UNB Holiday Tournament. Bubba always was on the top line and used his abilty to find open players with a great passing and shot for some big goals. Jeff scored 23 goals, 51 assists, 74 points and 102 pim. Bateman worked really well with Bourbeau and Justin Bowers on the "Killer B" line that won a lot of games in the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 season, putting up huge numbers for STU.
So, here is the list
#3- Jeff Bateman
#4- Matt Seymour
#5- Thatcher Bell
#6- Nick Theriault
#7- Anthony Butera
#8- Emily Hobbs
#9- Miguel Delisle
#10- Jean Bourbeau

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  1. I would like to quote Squirrel H8ter.

    "The best that money can buy in the AUS and you still haven't won anything this year. I hope all your gloating doesn't jinx your team."