Wednesday 25 March 2009

End of Season THANK YOU's

With the 2009 University Cup starting in Thunder Bay this week it means that the 2008-2009 CIS hockey season is coming to an end. While this year's version of the men's Tommies didn't have a banner year, our Lady Tommies had a strong record setting year. With that, we would like to say a few sincere THANK YOUS to all of you who take the time to visit us at here at

First and foremost thank you to our two great hockey teams, who without them, we would have no one to cheer for. Thanks to Coach Eagles and Coach Murphy for all the hard work they put in behind the bench and behind the scenes. Most of what they do goes unaccounted for but we know. Thanks to all the volunteers and coaching staff that help make the day to day stuff possible. Great work. And thank you so much to our student athletes of St. Thomas University for putting your blood, sweat, and tears on the ice game in and game out. We appreciate it.

Thank you goes out to the media who covers University hockey here in Freddy Beach. Thanks to Randy Corey, the DeCourcey boys, and CKTP for covering our Tommies. What a step up it has been since the days of having to listen to UNB fan #1 doing interviews of STU players. Thank you to Bruce Hallihan, Bill Hunt, Mike Power, and Dave Ritchie at the Daily Gleaner for all of their hard work. What would this site be without you? From the regular articles and features to commentary that gets people talking, thanks.

A big round of thanks to our special guest posters this year. Randy Corey, Jason Cassidy, and Fraser MacAlpine. Thanks for supporting us with great content and interesting pieces. Honestly, we can't gush enough praise on these three gentlemen because their contributions were GREAT. Thank you. Steak and a beer, our treat.

I want to deviate a little from the "norm" and thank our Squirrel friends. We love to hate them but the truth is, it wouldn't be any fun without them. They have a great new site at that complements us here at and we look forward to some interesting rivalry fun in the future. Fredericton fans love their CIS hockey and our passion shows. Another surprising thank you (coming from us that is) has to go out to While we would love to grab all the accolades of being the first CIS "fan site" out there, it wouldn't be true. was bringing game recaps and information to the CIS hockey fan before the majority of us knew what the Internet was. They are the motivation behind our site and we aspire to your level. Of course in typical Tommies fashion we wanted to beat you "dirty Squirrels" or by God, die trying. Thanks.

To all of you fans, Tommie, Squirrel or otherwise thanks for reading. We do have a little surprise for you die hard Green and Gold supporters in the next couple of weeks. Plus the new recruits will be coming in the next several months, so stay tuned.


  1. Yeah. Good work STU! This website is wicked, I'm a UNB fan and visit this website every day.. Good luck next year, I hope you guys have a stronger team.. itll just make the rivalry more interesting!

  2. Hey folks. I don't participate but I do check this site regularly. Genuinely appreciate your acknowledgement of our efforts at the Gleaner. Speaking personally, it's a labour of love. Hope the off season and the recruiting goes well and the Tommies pick up where they left off.

  3. This is a great place to rant and rave.I know STU is going to continue where they left off. It is fun to get going with those UNB fans.
    I may not always appreciate the media coverage and perhaps give them my two cents worth a bit too much at times.I do enjoy the good stuff that gets written .Thank you for that and to this site.

  4. The third comment was from OilSlick,forgot to sign my name.

  5. Yes, thanks to all with the Tommies this year. Thanks to this site for what they do. Thanks to the radio station and Randy Corey, amazing announcer for the Tommies, lucky to have him, hope the broadcasting is back for next year