Saturday 21 March 2009

Top ten continues

Well, after some hiatus and the fact there isn't any news to put out other than the usual "UNB Rulez, STU Suckz" and vice versa, I have decided to rekindle the Top 10 STU Tommies from the past 4 years as a change of pace. And I apologize for not doing this earlier, I got caught with homework and other things (like not being able to sign in) until Jeff Bateman reminded me via facebook when the top 10 was starting back here we go!

#8- #30 Emily Hobbs- STU Lady Tommies

I only saw Emily play a handful of games, but she was dynamite. Especially 2 years ago at Atlantic's when STU was only 60 minutes away from making a Nationals Appearance. Hobber split time with Lindsay Coughlin and Liette Arsenault throughout the season, but near the end of the season, she took the #1 job going into the Atlantic's. She defeated Dalhousie in round 1 and in the greatest playoff performance for a goalie in the past 4 years, she should have been arrested for theft because she stole the game from #1 ranked ST. FX. She made some amazing saves in the game, especially stoning Jessica Boudreau point black with 5 seconds left. The finals versus Moncton was not her fault as she tried to keep the game close but ended up losing in the end. From the way this season went for the ladies, Julia Sharun looks like the next Emily Hobbs as she stole games this season as well.

#7- #51 Anthony Butera

Butera was a rock on defense for STU for 3 seasons and the captain in his last. It must have been hard for him to wear the C after Kyle McAllister graduated, but Butera was awesome in his role to settle the team down. Butera only missed 3 games in 3 years and gained 9 goals, 46 assists and 55 points with 145 pim. Butera played very well on the power play with his regular partner Paul Giallonardo and they worked like a well oiled machine. Butera has a great introduction to the Battle of the Hill as he got into a fight with Stacy Smallman from UNB. Butera was a great defensemen and was greatly missed this season.

So that brings the list to

#7- Anthony Butera
#8- Emily Hobbs
#9- Miguel Delilse
#10- Jean Bourbeau


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