Friday 25 November 2011

What the hell just happened?

One Happy Squirrel
I don't know for sure but I think 24 or so Squirrels just kicked me in the who-ha.  My stomach aches, I am a little woozy, and I can't see straight.  Yes, I have concluded that I was kicked in the who-ha.

On the strength of 4 shorthanded goals in the the third period (Yes four, don't make me repeat it) UNB wiped out a 3 goal deficit to defeat a STUnned Tommies team.

The STU goals were scored by Jonathan Bonneau (Poulin, Chermetiev) with a beauty, Steve Sanza (Zandbeek, Poulin), and Mike Reich (Poulin, Zandbeek) on the PP.  The Tommies held a 2 - 0 lead after the first and a 3 goal lead after the second.

Missed opportunity at 3 -3. Courtesy Dylan Buell
The rest will live in infamy.

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  1. That squirrel in the picture reminds me of Gardiner Macdougall. Really.

    UNB had maybe two alright chances in the first couple of periods. STU completely kept them in check. I don't remember a UNB team being so dirty. It must of been hard for the Tommies to remain as disciplined as they did.