Thursday 24 November 2011

UNB. Friday night.

It's our first game of the season against cross campus rivals UNB on Friday night. The Squirrels are in first place and will be looking to do...well...what they normally do to STU - Kick the snott out of us. No word if Captain Matt Eagles or Alex Labonte will be in the line-up after each of them left games early against PEI and Moncton respectively this past weekend.

Daily Gleaner - Tommies looking for Gallant effort

The Journal Pioneer - Gallant having good run with Tommies

Daily Gleaner - It could be time for the Tommies Bruce Hallihan's column. (No jinx, fingers crossed, rabbit's foot and lucky clovers ready to go)

Daily Gleaner - If there was ever a time Bill Hunt column.  In his column Bill mentions the last time STU defeated UNB, October 26th, 2006.  I still have the Daily Gleaner from the next day.  Always meant to recycle it but held onto it for some reason, tucked away under my desk.  "Tommies topple V-Reds" it says under a picture of Justin Bowers shooting a backhander at Squirrels Jesse Ferguson and Reg Bourcier in the UNB net.  As the years went by I couldn't part with it. I hope the Tommies find a way to help me put this 5 + year old paper in the grey box.

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