Wednesday 7 September 2011

Coach Ryan out to "fix" Tommies

Bill Hunt of The Daily Gleaner recently caught up with Coach Troy Ryan and spoke to him about the St. Thomas Men's program and a few things that are going to happen this season. Here are a few quotes from the story.
To that end, he's spent the summer "getting (my) feet wet within the university and getting to know the people you have to work with on a daily basis to get things done, whether it's admissions or the registrar's office and meeting with them and seeing how they would like things done in the future. That's been one of the busiest parts of my job."

"I like the change I've been able to make already. Erick Tremblay wanting to come back...that, to me, is a small success. I like the fact we've been able to tap into the OHL a bit and get a couple of quality recruits."
Read the entire article here. DG: Ryan rolls up his sleeves at STU

Tickets are still available for the Bob McKenzie dinner this Friday evening at the St. Thomas Forest Hill Conference Centre. STU Athletics

A few more recruits are at STU and we will have their names as soon as possible.

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  1. i just realized that STU needs a backup when i was at Paladins goalie practice cause we have 3. I wonder who its going to be, knowing that Lavinge will probably play all 28 barring injury.