Saturday 16 January 2010

Jason Cassidy's Blog: Danton deserves a second chance

We have always had great respect for Jason Cassidy, well that respect has just doubled. Cassidy has really nailed down the essence (in our opinion) of Mike Danton playing for SMU and has "shown up" some seasoned journalist with his views. For the record Damien Cox wouldn't know a CIS hockey game from a hole in the ground, and his article demonstrates his ignorance.

GREAT WORK JASON. Here is a little teaser from his article.
Only a few seasons ago, I was fortunate to line up against the likes of Corey Perry, John Tavares, Patrick Kane, Steven Stamkos and Bobby Ryan. Not only does the addition of a player with 92 games in the NHL not worry me, there have been others come before him with more impressive track records (Jared Aulin’s 224 NHL/AHL games before joining the Calgary Dinos in the CIS in 2007-08). Often, players come into the league having been drafted to the NHL or spent time in the ECHL, AHL, or at NHL training camps.
Read Jason's blog.

Here is another great read over at Neate Sager's CIS Blog. This is a very comprehensive story.

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