Saturday 16 January 2010

Daily Gleaner: "Rossignol delivering as advertised for Tommies"

Bruce Hallihan of the Daily Gleaner catches up with New Maryland native Lyse Rossignol. Lots of little nuggets in this article for fans to ingest.
"In the first half, we had so many people out sick that we couldn't get much chemistry going," Murphy said.

Rossignol will be reunited with Kayla Blackmore, who missed the entire first half with an upper body injury. Andrea Fischer, a rookie winger from Switzerland, completes the trio.

Blackmore was eased back into the lineup last Saturday, playing special teams only in a 4-1 loss at St. Francis Xavier, but played a regular shift from the second period on in Sunday's 2-1 victory at Dal.
Game times this weekend at the LBR are 3PM today versus SMU and 4 PM tomorrow against Dalhousie, also on CHSR 97.9 FM. Read the Full article


  1. Coaching change in need for womens team. 8th year as coach no results make a change.

  2. nope, Pete is an excellent coach.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  3. Agree with Anon. The money spent on recruiting should have better results. Other teams have no money and still play middle of pack same as tommies.

  4. Video guy you have no knowledge if you havent noticed the man just created a PP after 8 years of coaching thats good coaching?

  5. That PP probably came because of the assist coaches.