Saturday 26 December 2009

Tommies prepare for second half

With only one point separating 7th place Dalhousie from 6th place St. Thomas, every game becomes important from here on in. STU takes to the ice in exhibition action Tuesday at 5 PM versus Moncton at the LBR in the annual Pete Kelly Cup hosted by UNB. The Blue Eagles are only 4 points behind the Tommies in the standings and defeated STU on November 20th 4 to 1.

Coach Eagles hasn't landed any new bodies for the roster at this time but points out the return of some familiar faces.
Tommies head coach Mike Eagles is hoping defenceman Bryan Main (concussion) and forwards Max Chamberland and Corey Banfield will be ready to play.

Main has been sidelined for more than two months. He was spilled into the boards in an Oct. 24 game against Dalhousie.

"Bryan was feeling a lot better when he left (for Christmas)," Eagles said. "Max and Corey should be fine, but we won't be 100 per cent sure until we practise (Monday)."

Eagles won't take a chance on goaltender Charles Lavigne, however. Lavigne suffered a groin injury Nov. 7.

Although he's played since, he still hasn't fully recovered, leaving Ben MacFarlane and Guillaume Miszczak to mind the fort.
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  1. usually teams attempt to posture themselves for the second half the season by filling in holes that appeared in the first half. In other words, recuiting players over the break. Does Mike feel that the return of Charlie in the nets will take him to the play-offs, that his team has jelled enough to climb high in the standings during the second half, or that there are no possible players out there who want to come to STU?

    i am interested in the opinions of others.

  2. I think everyone recruits all year long. Many players come from the junior ranks. There may be players looking to leave junior once the trade deadline settles there.

    Any injury reports on the women's team, or is this just about guys hockey?

  3. Noone seems to care about the women's team which is funny cause there the only hockey team stu has that can make a run at making nationals. The mens team surely cant with the likes of #91 and #22 playing a none tough guy role. Not university material.

  4. If you don't think #22 isn't University material you haven't been paying attention. Mike has 9 or 10 points on the season and has been playing great hockey and contributing regularly. He is part of the best line on the team, but you're knocking him because he was a fighter in the W...sure...whatever.

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  7. Reich has been playing is role perfectly with Dulls and Deiter. Gallant's role isint a tough guy but a grinder.

    Maybe people are happy playing pro and dont want to come to university just yet. But Tremblay, Wynn and Cassidy were late additions a few seasons ago so there is lots of time to add new people.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  8. Bring on the second half.They willmake the Playoffs and go for a pretty good run.

  9. ... and the Leafs will win the Stanley Cup.

  10. wow, Of my original questions people certainly spilled into different directions. I ask again why no injury status on female players? i go to their games and players are missing, but never any posts on "upper body", day to day....nothing. Is there a worry that female goon players on the other teams will target the injuries...or does no one care about female hockey? if no one cares, then we should worry about STU female hockey catching the same fate as UNB

  11. Anon @ 4:32, thanks for the comment. I don't think you have to worry about the Lady's program going the way of our chauvinistic friends over at UNB. In the short term it may have been a good decision for UNB $$$, long term...maybe not. Time will tell.

    I just received some news today about the the Lady Tommies and will be posting the info. ASAP. We are just waiting on another Tombit before we post. If you would like a spoiler, flip us an email at stutommies(@) and we will be happy to keep you informed.

    As always if we have Tommies hockey related news, men's or women's, we will let you know. If you follow women's hockey like you say, then you know information can be VERY hard to find. However, we will endeavour to do a better job of bugging those people who know and pass it on to dedicated fans like you. Thanks again.

  12. You mean the chauvinistic friends who cut teams that affected more male athletes than female athletes??

  13. The second half starts with no new assests either because none could be landed or more likely the case Coach Eagles still clings to his erroneous evaluations that conclude that he can win with what he has,being his own Boss allows him this continuous recruitment stradegy or rather non-recruitment.Eight years of no positve results is just einfach unglaublich and needs to be rectified asap.

    The appointment of Mike Eagles as Atheletic Director by an outgoing president was not a good one and needs to be reviewed,it is a full time job to coach in this league and should be again.

    If one was to review what has happened under Mike Eagles coaching and recruitment wise one would come to the objective conclusion that it has been a complete failure any success that he had should really be given to previous coachs Smith and MacAdam not Eaglest Eagles who has repeatedly brought in non talent and what is worse atheletes who did not finish their education(somewhere near a couple of dozen),also more coaches of excellant credentials found themselves on the outside and I believe that it is time for a change.

    There are plenty of quality coaches out there and I would hope that the new STU administration would review this situation.

    St.Thomas used to have a credable mens hockey program but now have the Mike Eagles show and it is just not cutting it.

    If there are people of this thinking then please send your comments to this sight as I believe Tommies Mens hockey is heading to the dumper.

  14. CRAZY HORSE, start posting original and thoughtful things. He couldnt land any xmas recruits because people are happy playing pro and he is happy with the team. We have a playoff spot and only went array when we got sick and Charlie was hurt.

    Dr. Higgins wasnt outgoing till after the appointment. It was a surprising annoucement when Higgins annouced he was leaving. This has ZIP to do with the team

    I think Eagles has done a fine job because STU has been the closest to beating UNB with 2 OT losses thanks to Charlie, the Wild West Line has been fantastic, and the team played really well before the flu. 2nd half should be fun. Be an optimist, not a pessimist. But its not surprising that you posted now and not during the good stretch early in the season