Monday 28 December 2009


Lady Tommies update: With any luck we should see a full Tommies squad for the first time this season in the New Year. The flu reeked havoc with the team but has made its way through most of the players.

Kayla Blackmore should also be returning to the line-up in the New Year. It will be the first action Kayla has seen in almost a year. Coach Murphy expects to use her in special team opportunities the first weekend and reevaluate from there.

STU Olympian preparing for Vancouver: Lucrece Nussbaum has made it through the first set of cuts at the Swiss Pre-Christmas camp. She leaves for their second camp today (Dec 28th). The Swiss name their team Dec 31st and there are apparently two more players to be cut but it looks like they will be forwards, so we should get the good news soon.

Lukie will return to STU Jan 11th after playing in the MLP cup. She will then leave Feb 1st for the Olympics and will return the day after Switzerland plays their final game in Vancouver.

Suspensions settled: You win some, you lose some. The AUS has ruled that Corey Banfield will not be suspended for 1 game but in their wisdom have upheld the one game suspension to Kenton Dulle. Kenton will miss the January 8th game against the Squirrels.

Interesting quote: "I'm never going to talk a kid out of that (going to University) because I played in that league and I coached in that league. Unless you figure you're going to make it to the NHL, you can't retire on American League money. At some point in your life you're going to need to get an education in order to get a job." Malcolm Cameron, coach of the Florida Everblades of the ECHL.

The same coach that signed Justin Bowers and Jadran Beljo. Things that make you go hmmm??? Source


  1. I heard that CHSR received good feedback on the the 2 radio broadcasts of Lady Tommies games. The original plan was to do 2 more this half but that may get bumped up to 6. Not 100% on that, so keep your fingers crossed.

    Jon Pickett did a good job of play by play but Catherine Boudreau was the star. Her knowledge of the game and players was amazing. Great job Catherine!

  2. how did Dulls get suspended for a non call yet Banfield gets called for charging (even tho he shouldnt have) and he isint. The AUS is weird.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~