Friday 23 October 2009

Wheels fall off Tommies Wagon

40 minutes of solid play does not a 60 minute win make. On a night when all looked well after two periods, the Tommies left the ice after the final buzzer with nothing to show for the night's efforts, falling 7-6 to St. F-X.

STU held a 3-0 lead after the first with goals by Kenton Dulle and Jason Cassidy, who scored twice. After allowing the X-Men back into the game in the first 7:45 of the second, the Tommies dominated the rest of the second period when Kenton Dulle scored his second, Devan Praught scored his first of the season and Wes Welcher scored on a shorthanded breakaway. Though St. F-X would score another in the second, the Tommies maintained their 3 goal lead after two periods with a 6-3 lead, even outshooting their opponents 29-23 over 40 minutes.

Those second intermission smiles around the LBR quickly faded when Ryan Sparling scored on a wraparound at 0:22 of the third. The X-Men found life from there, with back to back goals by Bryce Swan to even the score 6-6. A shorthanded breakaway goal by Sparling with 5:39 remaining gave the X-Men a lead they would not relinquish. Despite pulling goaltender Charles Lavigne for an extra attacker in the final minute, STU could not score the equalizer and X clung to the 7-6 victory, sending the Tommies and their fans home with more questions than answers and nothing to show in the standings for the night.

St. Thomas outshot St. F-X 39-37 and Kenton Dulle was named the Tommies' Player of the Game with a 2-goal performance. Andrew Andricopoulos added 2 points for STU.

The Tommies will try to regroup for Saturday night as Dalhousie visits the LBR for a 7pm start. The Ladies head to Sackville to take on the Mounties.

Daily Gleaner: Tommies let home opener slip away


  1. that is my analysis.

    1st period we were all over them. Kinda hit the snooze for the middle part till Cassidy's flutterball to make it 3-0.

    2nd period, more of the same but more dominant. That mystery call back goal with Labonte in the crease is a mystery. Hey ref, this isint 1999 and Labonte wasnt interfereing with Gillis. Bit them in the ass, thats for sure.

    3rd period was watching the Hawks/Flames from a few weeks ago. Ref blew the call with 13 second left putting the faceoff outside because Andricolpous (anyone notice the gaff during the intros that Andrew was from MANITOBA, not Massachusets) was in the scrum as a defensemen.....WHILE HE WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PLAY! Still, no excuse for not shutting down X in the third. I hope this is a wake up call.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  2. Josh Hurley is a joke for a ref. A joke. How many bonehead calls or non calls can one guy make?

    Lets see.

    Giving Banfield a penalty for getting rabbit punched for 10 seconds straight.

    Calling back Welchers goal, come on.

    The missed puck in the ceiling, letting play go.

    Missed the call when Dulle got checked to head at the X blueline.

    There were others, can't remember them.

    Josh Hurley likes to make the game about Josh Hurley. Anyone care to recall last years debacle against SMU? This guy is a joke. He isn't to blame tonight for what happened but he is a joke.

  3. I agree about Josh Hurley.
    But just like every year it seems they cannot keep a lead.Glad it is early in season.Good cure would be to beat Dal tonight.
    StFx reminded me of a goon team at times tonight.I have never ssen a teamfrom STFX like that.
    Yankee fan/Oilslick

  4. maybe the CIS needs more colums to report on Tommies games.

    GP = Games Played
    W = Wins
    L = Loss
    T = Tie
    P = Potential win/but actually lost
    RTIA = Referree Took It Away
    MNY + Maybe Next Year
    VGWWT = Video Guy's wishful
    whimsical worthless

    The refs have sucked at the AUS level for years. They ref High School, female, Junior etc, all with different rules. I suggest they go to a Three ref system. the linesman do their normal job, but can call behind the play stuff. That way the ref can always be with the play instead of looking over shoulder to see what is happening. In the Moncton game, UNB was constantly taking cheap shots behind the play. Most were seen by linesman.

    Also, there appears to be more mistikes at the smaller rinks. The smaller neutral zones make the games transition from Defence to offence so quickly and playersbenches dumping on line changes in the same zone, it seems like twenty people are on the ice at once. I look at the baseball games where the umps have blown every big call.

  5. ^^^Not wishful, the truth and my opinion. Your opinion is more worthless because its extremely biased. Oh yeah, no name, keyboard warrior.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  6. Hey why don't we let the linesman make the calls behind the play. Is this guy serious???? I don't think I have ever heard such a foolish comment. I never really post on this site because I am a former player, however, I do check the site on a regular basis and enjoy the back and forth badgering between you guys. I have always seemed to give you the benefit of the doubt and watched you back track on your stupid comments claiming they were jokes or sarcasm, but after reading that comment its clear you dont understand the game in any capacity the way you claim. But then again I should have expected that coming from a UNB fan. For every one UNB hockey fan that are true fans and actually know and respect the game, there are two who are just like you and pretend to know what hockey really is.

  7. I wonder why the stats for last nights game aren't on the AUS site yet?

  8. well NHL has two refs, instant replays etc. University cannot afford all of that. I doubt that you would be able to find enough refs available at any given time. I sort of agree with the guy. Perhaps expand the things that linesman can whistle down. How many times have we seen a ref skate forward with the play but have to look back at two players who may "have at it"?

  9. To the guy who made the 6th post. Mental Health has free counselling. You post all the time. Your IP number lights up more that Greco's take out. Your anger issues migh have solutions.

  10. haha and thanks to the site admin for pointing out the whackos..even when they're supporting STU..congrats, classy move!! Any idea of 2 or 3 sets of eyes should never be automatically forgotten.