Friday 23 October 2009

Erick Tremblay hard at work for Tommies

In today's Gleaner defenseman and new team Captain Erick Tremblay gives us some idea what the Tommies will do this year.
"That's for sure," [Tremblay] said. "That's not even a question. Our goal is not just to make the playoffs. Our goal is to win. The goal is to go to the finals. Maybe that's not realistic to some people in the city. There are people who don't believe in us, because we had a bad season last year. But in our heads . . . we've got winners on this team. I think (the goal) is nothing less than at least two or three rounds." Daily Gleaner: Tremblay likes what he 'C's
Tonight's home opener versus the X-Men should be extra fun as St. Thomas is hosting a residence challenge. If last year's challenge is any indication, this evening's game should be loud.


  1. Barry Collrin,B.A. 68Fri Oct 23, 11:32:00 am GMT-3

    Good thoughts from "El Capitano", visualizing ones goals and seeing oneself attain those goals is the secret weapon of any successful team.
    The Tommies are better than most city folk would admit but unfortunately live in the same city as "the National standard" for hockey excellance,I myself would say that it is a fortunate circumstance that on a daily basis reminds us all as to what needs to be acomplished to get to the top of this AUS pile.

    7 other teams will compete for the next 5 play-off teams which should make for exciting hockey this winter. STU has added to the talent pool but so has other AUS teams and the trick is to better on a game to game basis the opposition and hope that there are not too many 3 point games which adds to the standings confusion.

    It has occured to me that "a team" could lose all 28 games in O/T ,accumulate 28 pts and still make the play-offs,very strange.

    Lets all get behind the teams struggle this year for excellance and cheer on the crew to a better year.


  2. I don't know why Eagles named him captain. He can't play hockey at the aus level. He was awful in pre-season against UNB.I can't wait to see him against UNB next wednesday !!

  3. one game against UNB, the first game of any season this year, and hes not worthy of captian. damn squirrels, you cant make them leave. Tremmer can play at the AUS level, even ECHL level. Hes captian because of his leadership ability, with his hockey skill, thats why he wears the C. Still hate the misconception that the best player has to be captian, on any hockey team.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  4. When you talk to the kid, he's the epitome of the student/athlete -- a kid who probably wasn't a strong student in the beginning, but got into the school culture, finds the value of an education and now has a solid focus on what he wants to do.
    He's articulate, communicates well, works hard and is serious about wanting to improve.
    Not a bad choice as captain and a pretty good example for the younger players on the team to follow.
    He's not a star, but he's a solid player. As far as "awful in the preseason against UNB" -- pretty hard for anybody to look good in an 8-1 hockey game that is played almost entirely in your end. UNB will make a lot of players look bad this year.
    I think you're just trying to stir the pot, Anonymous.

  5. To anonymous #1,your mother had 2 rectums and you are one of them( sincerest apoligies to your mother),Eric Tremblay is the finest example of the student/athelete who has already achieved allstar recognition for his academic achievements,Anonymous #1,get some testicles and identify yourself if you want to post slags like that one.