Thursday 15 October 2009

Listen Live to Tommies Hockey on 95.7 The Wolf

The new season is almost upon us and I am very pleased to be able to don the headset for a 3rd season with the Tommies. STU is looking pretty good after a rough start to the preseason and I feel confident I'll be calling playoff games again this season.

Since we last chatted, I've taken on an expanded role with the radio station, and we are thrilled to be bringing the Tommies to you over the air and online. We have launched a new format. We are Rock 'n' Blues 95.7 The Wolf, streaming online at We hope you will check us out. Besides great music, we have plenty of sports programming as well.

Harold DeCourcey will join me again on Friday night as we will be on the air live beginning at 6:45 from Moncton. There's lots to talk about so we want to get an early start on Friday night's game. We'll have improved, expanded Tommies coverage for you this year as Mike Marshall joins the broadcasts with lots of in-depth interviews. This weekend tune in for a season preview with Coach Mike Eagles and we're hoping to have the Daily Gleaner's Bruce Hallihan with us for our annual discussion of his highly anticipated AUS Preview. I'll be live blogging as often as possible, and you can also follow along with updates on Twitter at

Looking forward to being back in the press box, and a great season of Tommies Hockey on Fredericton's Home for Sports 95.7 The Wolf!


  1. My first comment at 1:37 AM this morning didn't make the publishing deadline? and so here goes again;
    I believe the Tommies to be in a better place than this time last year,a progressively better exhibition result with improvement each time out.
    A successful recruiting campaign,largely unnoticed by the "vocal detracters" and you know who you are,has resulted in a collective combination of a group of student atheletes who as a team are more than the sum of their parts.

    Now,if fair is fair,then ther should be some congratulatory comments on the job that Mike Eagles et al have done in improving the Tommies lot for this year,a number of required improvements have been realized and a competative team should be on display and in each and every contest.

    I,living in London Ontario,am thankful for :The Lone Ranger & Tonto" of the airways,better known as Randy Corey and Harold Decourcey,who bring the hockey game to life for a few of us in exile(for the moment).

    Now,not to be accused of spreading lies but rather stating some observations that would be better characterized as "expediant situational slight(only slight) exaggerations to sometimes make a point" that a call to break up the Tommies might be just around the corner.........GET TO THE RINK and check this out and be part of the BIG COMEBACK year.

  2. Welcome back.Looking forward to listening to Friday's night game as long as you can keep me awake.LOL
    There will definitely be playoff hockey.
    Yankee fan /Oilslick.

  3. I agree...STU had a very solid recruiting year and are definitely in much better shape now than they were at this time last year...Eagles deserves some much deserved praise for that. I do still think they are missing that big shutdown defenceman though...