Friday 18 September 2009

Tommies demonstrate preseason consistency versus Panthers

The St. Thomas University Men's Tommies are nothing if not consistent so far this exhibition season. After falling 8-1 to the mighty Squirrels on Tuesday night, our boys in Green and Gold suffered the identical fate to the UPEI Panthers in Charlottetown tonight.

New addition Charles Lavigne got the start in goal for STU and looked particularly good with a huge breakaway save late in the first. But the Panthers would take a 1-0 lead into the first intermission, outshooting the Tommies 9-7.

The Tommies couldn't capitalize on several second period chances and the Panthers unleashed 4 more goals to lead 5-0 after 40 minutes. UPEI outshot STU 11-9 in the middle stanza.

The third period opened with Ben Macfarlane between the pipes for the Tommies, as Coach Mike Eagles gave Lavigne a rest after a solid night in which he allowed 5 goals but could not be wholly blamed for the STU deficit. The Panthers struck twice within 8 seconds inside the first 3 minutes of the third. After the Panthers added their 8th and final goal, the Tommies finally got on the board at 18:21 of the final frame with Tyler Dietrich scoring his first as a Tommie, with assists going to Matt Eagles and Bryan Main. UPEI outshot STU 11-7 in the third for a game total of 31-24, advantage Panthers. The Gaurdian: Hockey Panthers show teeth

The Tommies have one more chance to get on the winning track before heading to New England against NCAA competition, as they face UdeM in Shediac next Friday night.


  1. Here's a Panthers team that was no better than the Tommies in the second half of last season. The Panthers by all accounts took a step back with the loss of the Donatis, and STU definitely got better, or should I say, more talented. So what the hell was that? It's only preseason, but pretty soon it becomes only the first month, and only the first half and then only another season out of the playoffs. The current bunch need to get their act together and this team still needs more talent on D and up front.

  2. That was just an all around bad game from the Tommies, Lavigne did look good but that was about it, the Tommies have a long way to go but luckily these games don't count towards playoffs

  3. Yes, Luckily these games don't count. Neither does the fact that the AD can't fire the coach, neither does the fact. It seems STU hockey is a club sport with unlimited funds. Perhaps they need a promotion to get fans to go to this crap. How about if you buy a ticket to a STU game, they throw in a free UNB ticket for up the hill to watch UNB play anybody but STU?

  4. It is only pre-season,they will be

  5. Hopefully Oilslick; once the other teams begin to concentrate on their studies and spend less time at the rink.

  6. to the third poster..what the "f" is up your butt this morning. Its the SECOND game of the season that dosent count! They have a week to get ready for the Aigles Bleus, no need to hit the panic button. So what if the funds go to the mens team, most of the funds at UNB goes to the mens team too.

    ~Former Video Guy~

  7. Hello,Hello,only preseason gang and neither game should be used to condem this team yet,it would be worse if we had seen them play their best,maybe the first 12 minutes of game 1 were an example of potential good play but the collective team did not play well which translates to better days ahead and do not despair yet (only 2 games into exhibition) it is neither right nor fair to jump their bones like this,I personally feel bad and see just how bad our boys are feeling about this situation but instead of crapping all over them GET TO THE GAME IN SHEDIAC and show some good old fashion STU spirit.

    New League for some new guys,some old guys trying to put some of last years bad memories behind but a new horizon is coming up and I believe that there is more "fight" in this collection of guys and I don't mean fisticuffs.

    Recruitment is not finalized for this year as yet ,a couple of nagging injuries have occurred ,not excuses but just the facts........sooooooooo let's as a whole NOT BREAK ANY LEGS GETTING OFF THE BAND WAGON at this premature beginning of the seasonand get out and support the TEAM.


  8. Well - on a positive note - they've scored more goals than Brock!!

  9. Yes, but they allowed more per period.

  10. Well - on a positive note - ... wait, I think you summed it up.

  11. I do not believe UNB got 4 points on the weekend.Of course not only exhibition.
    For STU their will be better results.
    Yankee Fan

  12. Same result...

    Men against boys, or should I say Major Junior A players against MJHL players.

    NO COMPARISON in knowledge and skill of the game...