Thursday 17 September 2009

Anxiety in Tommieland...not so much

In today's Daily Gleaner, Bruce Hallihan's article "Tommies aren't ready to give the Varsity Reds a run just yet" breaks down a few elements of last Tuesday's game versus the Squirrels. This quote by Bruce just about sums it up in an acorn shell.
That said, the 2009-10 Tommies will be better than the 2008-09 Tommies, who won just two of their first 19 AUS men's hockey conference games.

A better barometer will be Friday's pre-season game against the UPEI Panthers in Charlottetown. UPEI isn't UNB - national champions with a reloaded lineup.
It was the first exhibition game of the year, sure the score wasn't flattering but it doesn't count for a hill of beans. Every Tommies fan out there would have enjoyed it more if the team could have kept it closer, but it was the "reloaded lineup" of the "national champions". Let's keep things in perspective and realize that STU did have a very good recruiting season and we have plenty to look forward to. Don't get caught up into UNB's fans comparisons of their team to ours. We aren't there yet, but we're building.

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  1. I know that STU did win the pond hockey event last year at Kilarney Lake. Are they rebuilding for that? By the way, Eagles wasn't coaching the pond hockey team