Thursday 19 February 2009

Top 10 Players In The Past 4 Seasons

Due to popular demand, people want another top ten list in the past 4 seasons. This is way harder than picking the top 10 games in the past 4 seasons because there are WAY more than 10 really good players in the past 4 years. But I will try my best.

#10 - Jean Bourbeau

You can't start a top ten list without Jean Bourbeau being #10. Bourbs, as his nickname is, came to STU from Bonnyville, Alberta and played in every game since coming midway through the 2004-2005 season. His stats over a 3 1/2 year career for the Tommies were 19 goals, 23 assists and 42 points with 116 penalty minutes. But scoring was not Bourbs game, it was his power forward play, his speed and his bodychecks that put the fear into opponents. My 2 favourite memories of Bourbs was my first season when he knocked clean out Danny White of St FX and last season when he destroyed Dan Rudisuela of SMU, causing Trevor Steinberg to get upset and yell across the ice. Bourbs was one hell of a player.

#9 - Miguel Delisle

Miguel Delisle was an amazing talent from the offensive blueline in. Even though he was not liked by a lot of the Tommies Army for his defensive play, he was a great scorer, playmaker and very good on the penalty kill with Kyle McAllister. Delisle's stats in 2 seasons with the Green and Gold were 21 goals, 33 assists and 54 points with 122 pim. There has not been a better pure goal scorer and better from the blueline in than Delisle. He was also very good at drawing penalties and getting under the skin of everyone he played against. Actually, in the same game that Bourbeau knocked out Danny White, Miguel drew a penalty against Ryan White. Then while White was in the penalty box, he butt ended Miguel from the box and was told by the ref to hit the showers. Miguel had a lot of timely goals for the Tommies and had 5 points in a 6-2 romp over Acadia in the 2006-2007 season.

I will be back soon with # 8 and # 7 after I have a discussion over who those people will be! Thanks for reading.

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