Thursday 19 February 2009

Thanks for Listening...

I would rather have been on the road broadcasting a playoff game last night, but since a too-short season is over, let me say a BIG "Thank You" to all of you who tuned in this season to the Tommies' radio/internet broadcasts.

Thanks to Mike Eagles for once again making it possible for the Tommies to have a broadcast partner. Thanks to 95.7 FM CKTP and station manager Conrad Mead, along with Robb, Remy and Mike for their many hours in the studio keeping the games on the air. If you appreciate having the Tommies on the radio or on your computer, please take a moment and send a note to Conrad at Let him know that you appreciate having a station that shows a commitment to local sports in our community.

Thanks to the game sponsors - Summit Dodge, Whitehead Bird & Miles, Casa Elegante, Trius and JCS Hosting. If you have the chance to do business with any of these companies, let them know that you chose them partly because of their commitment to Tommies hockey.

Thanks to Harold and Matt DeCourcey for their good work with colour commentary this season. And thanks to Jon Pickett for his Tommies player profiles. And thanks to host Gino Reda and producer Colin Campbell (no, not the same guy) from RBC Junior Hockey Radio for allowing us to use their show content.

Thanks to Coach Eagles and his staff and the players for another great (in its own way) season and for all they do to make me feel welcome.

Also, thanks to Dan from for inviting me to contribute to this site, and for his help providing out-of-town scores. Every night on the road, Dan would monitor out of town games and text or email the scores to me to pass along to you, saving a ton of work on my part.

I don't know yet what next year holds. I've yet to end a hockey season knowing what team or league I'll be calling games for the next fall. Hopefully everything will fall into place and I'll be back in the booth in October bringing you all the action with a new and improved Tommies squad for '09-'10. A new season will bring much deeper and expanded Tommies coverage than in seasons before and hopefully more games to call well into March.

The Tommies' future is bright. I'm looking forward to all the news this offseason, and talking to you from the rink again this fall.

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  1. Another year of great broadcasting,by all of you.Since I finally figured out to listen on the computer,I stay awake better.
    I sent a thank you to Mr Mead,so hopefully accounts for something.
    Look forward to hopefully allremains the same and we will hear another exciting season of STU hockeyin 2009-2010.
    Thank you to Dan.He is quite a characterwhoever he is.