Tuesday 11 November 2008

Tommies preparing for Moncton on Wednesday

With Moncton coming to town on Wednesday evening the Tommies are getting ready to play a tough opponent and earn their first win of the season. The whole team played well against U de M in Moncton on the first night of the season and will have to expand on that effort at home. Newly named male athlete of week Mitch Price is one guy Coach Eagles has shown plenty of confidence in as a rookie.

"He can certainly play at this level,'' says Eagles. "We've have him killing penalties. He skates well and he works hard out there. It's a matter of playing with more physicality out there. Once he gains a little more confidence playing at this level, he's going to be a lot stronger. He's got great skills, he's intelligent and he's coachable. That's the kind of player you want.''
Daily Gleaner: Paying the Price for success at AUS level.

The Tommies face-off against Moncton at 7pm on Wednesday night.

It is also comforting to note for Tommies fans that St. Thomas has an ace in the hole when it comes to recruiting for the 2009-10 season. While there are no guarantees, one of the best 20 year old forwards in the QMJHL has expressed his desire to play at STU. I'm sure his Dad would be proud to have him.

"If I don't go pro, there's a very good chance I'll end up at St. Thomas," Matt [Eagles] said. "I have more respect for my dad than probably anybody in the hockey world. He's partially been my coach my entire life. To get a chance to play for him on a full-time basis would take my game to a higher level, so maybe I'd be able to play pro after St. Thomas."

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  1. I'm sure they will pay the Price..keep watching ! Not used to playing for a losing team huh ? Hmmm....that what he thinks his team is ???

  2. At 0-6-2 is it a winning team? It is a comment in time. At this time they are. He didn't say they were going to be forever. Get over it.

    Keep up the good work Mitch.

  3. get over what ? And yes boys , keep up all that hard work !

  4. Imagine Thrusday night UPEI comes to town and plays the Squirrels and they are in second place. STU may not be winning,yet,but The squirrels are not playing well either. There is always that wonderful silver lining.