Wednesday 29 October 2008

$quirrels trump Tommies in first battle of 08

Those pesky little Squirrels, the more you chase them, the more you would like to catch them and choke the living crap right out of them. Unfortunately we never seem to be able to catch them, particularly at the Drey. The final score tonight was 7 to 4 for UNB and if it weren't for some big saves from Matt Davis, it may have been worse.

UNB jumped out to a 2 goal lead by the 6 minute mark of the first but the Tommies were able to reply when Jeremy Turgeon banged home the puck on a goal mouth scramble and some hard work by line mate Ryan Murphy. Matt Foster picked up the other helper on the goal. The Squirrels would capitalize on a power play at 13:50 and would take the 2 goal cushion to the locker room at the end of the first.

Json Rinzler would start the Tommies off on the right foot in the second scoring at 2:51 from Gallant and Chamberland but UNB responded only 19 seconds later to regain the edge. After two successive UNB penalties, Erick Tremblay blasted one home on the two man advantage from Lehr and Gallant but it was tit for tat on this night and UNB came back just over 3 minutes later on their own PP. Jason Cassidy would score on a 2 on 1 when Corey Banfield sled him the puck under the UNB defenceman with under 5 minutes to play in the period. Devan Praught had the second assist on the goal.

The Tommies started the third period down by a goal but were not able to get any closer as the Squirrels literally closed the door, scoring 2 more goals and not allowing a shot on net in the period. Play got a little chippy towards the end of the period as tempers started to rise. It looks like their may be a little fire left in the rivalry as several Tommies seemed to take exception with one little tree rat on defense. We'll see how that plays out in the future. Matt Davis was stung with the loss facing 42 shots while Guillaume Miszczak was in net for less than a minute and allowed a goal. Next game for the Tommies is Saturday night versus Dalhousie. DG: Uphill battle for Tommies against UNB


  1. jonathan harty
    thats all

  2. They did not take as many penalties last night,but If not mistaken not many did not result in a goal,which may have resulted in 2points.
    Hopefully Dal will be the answer to our first win. We may only have one point,but we are not far out of a playoff spot,we may need tocheer at times for the Squrriels.
    Perhaps we will be like the Acadia teams of the second half.

  3. You guys let Jonathan Harty walk all over you, he is like half the size of your whole squad... yet he was running over everybody.

  4. Jonathan Harty is my vote for the new Craig Mahon. The only clean hit he threw was in the 2nd period when Cassidy turned around to get the puck out of the zone. The hits he threw were away from the puck which is a *$&%^ move. He never really backed down which means hes tough but what did he really do last night? They need to have the fight rule in the AUS, like allow one fight in the game at the time. Or else you will see these dirty scrums all the time. I didnt like the linsemen at the end of the game pulling 2 STU guys out of the scrum and leaving 5 UNB and 3 STU to wrestle it out. Kinda uneven. November 29th at the LBR will be one hell of a game.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  5. Harty is a feirce competitor, one of my favorite UNB players. He wont back down from anybody, and I dont see where you got that he was a dirty hitter.

    Look at his fight card on, he is clearly a tough guy who is willing to take anybody on STU.

    A few times during the game some players that were a good height advantage tried to hit him, but failed. I think he threw more then "1" clean hit, and I also did notice him getting hit late by a few players (roy, Turgeon)

    Fighting should'nt be added to the AUS, I think that's why the hockey is so good. Without fighting players are taking there anger out with big hits, ect. You go to a SHL games with fights, you dont have any big hits.. If they dislike each other - they fight.

    It would be interesting though.

    Harty, Hodgson, Hepditch
    Gallant, soso, Turgeon (?)

    Goood game all around, I'm not trying to start a feud with the stu fans. as a UNB fan, it really disappoints me that STU fans just didn't show up to the game..