Wednesday 29 October 2008

Battle of the Hill renewed at AUC

Daily Gleaner Article
Speaking of industrious forwards, Jason Cassidy is off to a strong start with STU, with two goals and four assists in four games.
Cassidy only joined the Tommies at the Christmas break, but he's already developed a strong dislike for the V-Reds.
"There's no team I hate more than them," Cassidy said.
"They're a really good hockey program and obviously very skilled, but I think we match up well against them because we're the type of team they don't want to play.
"We're a bunch of rats out there and we give it everything we've got every shift."
Tonight's game is also available on 95.7 FM CKTP, and online at


  1. It's common to dislike your enemies, clearly UNB players would say the same about STU.

    but I wonder who wins the games ??

  2. just got back from the game....rivalry renewed for sure tonite! And I think we have a nominee for new Craig Mahon....that being Jon Harty. A UNB parent (probably Rob Pearce's father) was trying to justify to me that Harty's blatant interference hit on Cassidy near the end of the game was okay. As well as the post game scrum on the side boards. Squirrels I tell ya!

    ~Tommies Video Guy~