Thursday 8 August 2013

New Tommies Recruit - Derek Froats

Derek Froats - Image Courtesy North Bay Battalion 
Sometimes looking at statistics of hockey players doesn't give you the whole story.  Derek Froats from Chesterville, Ontario is a prime example.  In 130 OHL games Froats registered 25 goals and 12 assists for 37 points.  Not exactly what you would call a sniper but you have to look a little bit closer to see that Tommie fans might get a little more than what they think.

Froats scored 23 points in his rookie season as a 16 year old.  Just for comparison, last year's CIS leader in points, Justin Larson, had 14 points as a 16 year old.  The AUS scoring leader last year, Lucas Bloodoff,  had 21 points when he was a rookie at 16.  From there the comparisons don't add up in Derek's favour, as a string of injuries side lined him for much of the next three seasons.  

Injuries to his shoulder in his second year limited him to only 13 games.  The following year a wrist injury kept him out of the line up for a number of games but he played through the injury most of the time.  Named as an assistant captain in Kingston in 2011-12, he was traded to Brampton midway through the season.  He secured a 20 year old position this past year but his wrist injury was aggravated and his season was cut short due to surgery. 

Froats has the potential to be a big surprise to everyone but Coach Powers and himself.  This is his chance to prove what he's got and I think STU fans will be impressed.

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