Wednesday 16 January 2013

There's Always Tomorrow!

Tonight the Tommies had a hard game against the Squirrels at the Aitken Centre, in the annual Mark Jeffrey Memorial game, UNB beat the Tommies 7-0. 

The Tommies playing with the short bench tonight was certainly a key contributor in the loss, Christian Morin #2, Jordan Thomas #6, and Colin Martin #19 were all out of the line up. Yuri Cheremetiev #9 setup on the blue line tonight to help out the depleted defense.

I'm only going to write about the positives that I watched tonight, the score speaks for itself.  

The Tommies were strong on their penalty kill all evening, giving the V-Reds five power plays and not allowing them to score on any of them. Jonathan Groenheyde #31 turned away 43 of the Squirrels shots, and made some amazing saves in the process.  

The Tommies did have some problems staying out of the box, including 3 in the first 8 minutes of the game, towards the end of the game it did get quite chippy. I have to commend Tommies forward Chris Morehouse #18, while taking punches from V-Reds forward Matt Fillier #27 (with gloves off), Morehouse did not drop his gloves or stick, he did take a 10 minute misconduct for roughing.

The Tommies face off with UdeM Aigles Bleus (Last game vs. STU was a 4-1 win Tommies) on the road on Friday night and are back home on Saturday night at the Grant/Harvey Centre versus the UPEI Panthers (Last game vs. STU was a 4-3 win Panthers). 


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  1. Commending Morehouse for being a pansy... interesting.

  2. Are you kidding?? The Tommies have 13 skaters, if Chris takes off his gloves and fights he hurts his team because there is no one to replace him if he gets suspended. He knew it and most of the fans probably figured that out as well, considering Morehouse loves to chuck em.

    The Squirrels would just insert one of a dozen players into the line up to replace useless Fillier but sure your entitled to your opinion, even though it is stupid.

  3. I guess I can see your point. Removing Chris from the lineup would be catastrophic for the Tommies. Seeing as how they're on the cusp of a playoff spot and all.

  4. Catastrophic no, but it would have been selfish on his behalf. Instead he took 4 or 5 pokes to his mellon for his team.

    Filler should have got a 5 and a game - if not for the punches thrown - for being a tree rat.

  5. morehouse asked for it then didnt want it when he had a dance partner. shouldnt play his normal games if he is worried about team being short.