Friday 14 December 2012

What Would You Do??

So with all the recent changes in the Tommies line-up over the last week, what would you do??  Coach Troy Ryan is sitting in a tough spot.

Currently the Tommies are sitting in the last spot in the AUS Men's Hockey standings, going into the second half with only two wins on the year. The playoffs and the chance to extend the season are not completely un-attainable but are going to take hard work and determination from the young team.

Here is where the big kicker comes into effect, the Tommies are currently down forward Randy Cameron #17 and defenceman Christian Morin #2, both due to injury. Cameron should be back in January when the Tommies take to the ice, hopefully Morin won't be too far behind him. Also with the news coming from the program last week that forwards Mike Reich and Alexandre Leduc will not be returning after the Christmas break, this could leave the Tommies with a depleted bench.

Coach Ryan has said that his efforts are going into recruiting players for next season and not bringing anyone in after the Christmas break. He is currently building the program slowly and not over spending beyond his means.

In the recent four games when the Tommies have been on the ice against opponents they have been playing much better, is the shorter bench making them a bettter team?

The Tommies have had two wins (UdeM 4-1, St. FX 5-4 S/O), a shoot-out loss (SMU 3-2) and a close game (UPEI 4-3).  To me this is a great argument in Coach Ryan's favour for leaving the team the way it is and looking forward to the future.

My biggest concern would be the injury bug that may hit later on. But have no fear that Coach Ryan I'm sure has looked at this as well, he did make a move in placing Yuri Cheremetiev #9 on the blue line, a move that seems to have revitalized the forward this season, he is a great mover of the puck and has not been caught out of position,  he is fast back on the puck and has the ability to carry it into the offensive zone if need be.

One thing I know I can say, is that this fan is excited on the upcoming next half of the season with the exciting end to the first half.

Happy Holidays Everyone,

Go Tommies Go!!


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