Friday 16 November 2012

ATTENTION Fredericton Hockey Fans....

For all the right reasons we hope to see you tonight at the Grant-Harvey Centre to watch a great hockey game between two first place teams and support a great cause for a local little girl.  The following is from Bill Hunt of The Daily Gleaner and was in today's edition.  Please give it a read and some consideration.
If you have to choose a game tonight: Go Tommies

If you have to pick a local hockey game to watch tonight, please pick this one: the St. Thomas Tommies women's team hosts the St. Francis Xavier X-Women in the comfort of the new Grant•Harvey Centre. It's a battle for first place in the Atlantic University Sport women's hockey conference for one thing, among two teams ranked among the top 10 in the country: seventh-ranked St. FX and ninth-ranked STU.

So, it's got the potential to be a pretty good hockey game. More importantly, however, it's for Hailey's Dreams.

Perhaps you've heard or read of the challenges facing the Fitzgerald family. Seven-year-old Hailey has been diagnosed with a rare degenerative brain disease. There are too many syllables to comprehend, but here's what you need to know: It's genetic, it's fatal and over the next three to five years, it will rob Hailey of her quality of life and a young family of their little girl.

Want to see a picture of a sweet little girl and hear her story? Go to

When the Tommies heard it, they felt the need to do their part.

'We said 'Wow, we're always trying to get our girls involved in community events,'' said Lise Blackmore, Kayla's mom and a driving force behind the Friends of the Tom­mies.

Coach Peter Murphy has had a couple of small Tommies jerseys made up for Hailey and her little brother Chase, and they'll drop the puck for the ceremonial faceoff after meeting the team in the dressing room before the game.

Imagine what a thrill it will be for that little girl, especially to do it before a full house.

Please, make it a full house.

Admission to the game tonight is $ 5. Get them in advance from Lise Blackmore at or Peter Murphy at

In advance, please.

They can't donate proceeds from the walk-up crowd, but if you let them know you're coming, they'll go to some trouble to get you your tickets, or stick them in an envelope for you.

Proceeds from advance sales will be donated. Proceeds from the 50-50 will be donated too. And there's a bake sale, featuring 'T' shortbread cookies among a host of sweet treats, or an opportunity to make a straight cash donation.

Blackmore will make the rounds with the Pink Helmet - it yielded $266 in donations when the Tommies ran a Shoot for the Cure event earlier in the season - and you're invited to help fill it up.

The folks at the York Dental Clinic are the official game sponsors, but Dr. Andrew Smyth has agreed to surrender the spotlight for a bigger cause tonight.

And, while we don't traditionally take sides in scheduling conflicts, tonight we say: Go Tommies.

Truth be told, the game which figures to siphon off most of the fan support - the men's UNB Varsity Reds hosting the Dalhousie Tigers - doesn't figure to be much of a hockey game. With all due respect to the rebuilding Tigers, they're a longshot tonight against a UNB team that might finally be hitting its stride.

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