Thursday 21 June 2012

Bissonnette moving on, Tommies look for assistant coach

Former Tommies player and current associate coach Eric Bissonnette is moving on.  After a one year stint Eric has decided to move on and focus on his own business.  The news of this happening was in today's Daily Gleaner.  Here is an excerpt.

The team will hire a part-time assistant coach for the upcoming season, who will be paid on a stipend basis.

“We’re very pleased with the progress the team made under Troy (Ryan) and Eric last year,” said Eagles. “We’re glad he’s staying on to continue to develop our junior Tommies program. Going forward, we’re going with a more traditional, stipend type approach for an assistant coach.”

Head coach Troy Ryan said there are no hard feelings, noting Bissonnette’s commitment to his fitness business Bizz Fitness played a role in the decision.

“He has a life, a family and a business to run,” said Ryan. “It’s a tough position, where we practice every afternoon. So he would probably have to hire someone on to run his business while we practice. He’d have to pay to be an assistant coach. It’s a tough situation to juggle them all.”

Ryan will now search for an assistant coach, and hopes to have the role filled as soon as possible.
We would like to wish Eric all the best and thank him sincerely for his time and commitment to the Green and Gold.   Best of luck in all your endeavors!


  1. I would think with the new rink and the new attitude that we would be moving ahead with a paying position rather than this direction. Hard to get anything more than a puck pusher when you ask for this commitment with a non paying job. I know minor hockey does it but this isn't minor hockey, sometimes I just don't understand. I would ask the question to the AD would you do the job for a stipend type approach ?

  2. I'm an coach at RMC, and we get paid in stipends. Its not that bad UNLESS you have another job to back you thats willing to work around your schedule with the team. I got lucky and have one that does. But its gonna be hard to compete with teams that do have a full time asst coach cause sometimes people only put the effort they are getting paid to put in.

    ex-Tommies video guy, Assistant coach, RMC Paladins

  3. Dont really understand your comments, you say its not that bad you mean its bad unless.. might just be a typo ? but your record was worse or about the same as STU...paying doesnt mean that you will win but just thought that they should give credibility to the position.

  4. Its not bad unless thats your only income is being paid in stipends. Record has nothing to do with it, its how to convey the message to the players so they buy into what your selling.