Wednesday 8 February 2012

Tommies see faint playoff hopes flicker out, prepare to say goodbye to LBR

Kyell Henegan and Felix Poulin chase down the puck
during action against UNB last night.
Courtesy Dylan Buell
Come with us as we turn back the clock to February 12th, 2011.  Imagine, as the Tommies leave the LBR ice following a 6-3 loss to St. F-X, that we told you the Tommies would still be in the playoff hunt with 3 games to play this season.  You might call us crazy.  If you're a Tommies fan, you'd certainly be pleased at the possibility.

Sure enough, that is the position in which St. Thomas found itself tonight, entering Game #26 against the hated Squirrels.  Unfortunately, the Squirrels won 5-0, officially eliminating the Tommies from contention.  Charles Lavigne was valiant in goal, facing 46 shots.

Now, it's not all wine, roses and puppy dogs by any stretch.  The Tommies have 5 wins on the season, just two more than last year, with 2 games to play.  A major reason STU was still in the hunt so late was thanks to St. F-X's underwhelming season.  But we were in the hunt nonetheless.  And there's one thing around this team that wasn't necessarily there one year ago.  Hope.  We've seen good reason for it.  Coach Troy Ryan has instilled a new culture.  Fine rookie performances from the likes of Stephen Sanza, Felix Poulin and Jonathan Bonneau.  Improved team discipline.  A brand new, state of the art building is coming.  There is hope, Tommie Nation.

This season is not yet over.  The Tommies still have two games to go this weekend, including one as big as any this Friday night against Moncton, as the Tommies Men will say farewell to the LBR, those hard bench seats, its sometimes insufficient heat, the Great White Wall, Rum Row, and years and years of wonderful memories.  If there is one game you attend this season, make it Friday night.  Let's pack that old barn and say goodbye by cheering our Tommies on to one final victory.

And keep the hope alive.

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