Thursday 3 November 2011

Tommies legend Walter "Bubsy" Mills passes away

It is with deep regret we mention the passing of Walter "Bubsy" Mills.  Walter was a multi sport athlete at St. Thomas when the university was located in Chatham and was a great hockey player.  He was inducted into the "Tommies Wall of Fame" in 2010.  We would like to offer our deepest condolences to his family and friends.  He will always be remembered as a great Tommie.
Walter “Bubsy” Mills was an integral part of athletics at St. Thomas in the 1950s. Ac­cording to the legendary Vance Toner, he was “a remarkable character who played what­ever you wanted played.” He was a talented two-way player in football as a fullback and linebacker and always left everything on the ice in a hockey game. Vance Toner recalled in a letter in 2003 one high school hockey game which ended in a tie and moved to sudden death overtime. “Bubsy implored me to ice his line and he promised to score immediately and end the contest. I started a fresher line. The next change was Bubsy’s line. Bubsy proceeded to the Fredericton bench and warned the players they could take off their skates, he was going to score immediately. From the face-off, he received the draw from the centre, made two evasive moves toward the goal and scored.” His first outing as a high school basketball player saw him named most valuable player at a tournament in Fredericton. Bubsy Mills was an all-round athlete who excelled at every sport which is why many said had he focused on one, he would easily have made a professional career. Source
Moncton Times and Transcript: Former STU Hockey player dies

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