Thursday 17 November 2011

Felix-Antoine Poulin coming up big for STU

Felix Poulin -
STU Athletics
With 10 points in 10 games Felix-Antoine Poulin has started off at STU just as he left off in junior hockey, scoring at a point a game clip. He's been a big factor in STU's turn around this season but he is quick to point out in today's Daily Gleaner that it is a team effort.
"It's the whole team system," he said. "We have to realize that maybe we aren't the kind of team that each player can play for themselves, because maybe we don't be successful...It might sound boring, but the players know what they have to do and we're doing it well, and pretty much every night we have a good chance to win."
Daily Gleaner: Poulin making seamless step at STU

Come out and watch Felix and the rest of the Tommies take on inter-provincial rival Moncton tomorrow night in a big tilt. Game time is 7 PM at the LBR.

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