Thursday 13 October 2011

Lady Tommies building for nationals

The Tommies may not have all the pieces to the puzzle yet but Coach Murphy is working on it and although he lost some good players this year, he's brought in some good ones too. Jamie Ross of The Daily Gleaner caught up with Peter Murphy recently and looked ahead to the 2011-2012 season and Nationals in 2014.
Their regular season gets underway this weekend with a Saturday night match up against the Mounties at 7 p.m. at the Lady Beaverbrook Rink.

Murphy said he likes what he's seen of his new-look squad thus far, though the 6-1 loss to UdeM made it clear the team needs more time to get on the same page, organizationally speaking.

"They're coming along. They're making better and better decisions the more they play," he said. "It was a good test for us. Moncton is a team where you need to be sharp on your systems, and (a game like that) exposes the younger team a little bit."
In regard to Nationals:
Murphy said the team will strive to maintain or improve on its third place regular season finish from last season, meanwhile continuing to build toward 2014.

"We still have two recruiting seasons between now and then," he said.

"You have to look at who will be done next, and where the holes in the roster are going to be. How do you fill those holes, and how can you get there in two years?"
Check out the full article DG: The Tommies are building, not rebuilding, says Murphy

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