Monday 25 April 2011

New Arena coming soon for Tommies

The 2012-2013 AUS season will be the dawn of a new era for the St. Thomas University Tommies men's and women's hockey teams.  In the fall of 2012 the new $29.2 million "Grant-Harvey Centre" will be completed and our Tommies will have an exciting new home.
Construction of new Grant-Harvey Centre April, 2011.

"The steel and concrete two-storey complex features an 8,000 square-metre ground-floor footprint. It will feature an Olympic-size ice surface and an NHL-size ice surface and will be home to the men's and women's ice hockey teams from St. Thomas University....
The two-level complex will also offer a three-lane walking/running track on the upper level as well as a community event room, a multi-purpose meeting room and full kitchen facilities. The Olympic-size ice surface will have 500 seats for spectators while the NHL surface will feature seating for 1,500. There will be 10 dressing rooms and a referees' room in the complex.
The Grant-Harvey Centre will be the cornerstone of a 45-acre recreational hub. The grounds will include an artificial turf soccer/football pitch, a six-court indoor tennis facility, a two-acre, fenced dog-walking park and parking for more than 600 vehicles." City of Fredericton Press Release

STU Hockey areas at Grant*Harvey. Click on picture for larger view.
It has been reported that STU will spend at least one million dollars for features that will customize their new arena.  By clicking on the diagram above you will be able to see some of the specific rooms and layouts including locker rooms, lounge areas, washrooms, and plenty of storage.  First aid and training facilities will all be part of the Tommies new home. will bring you updates and progress reports as the new arena approaches completion.  In the meantime here are links to information concerning the building.

Grant-Harvey Center news releases.
Grant-Harvey Site Plan
Grant-Harvey Ice Level Floor Plan
Grant-Harvey Second Level Floor Plan

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