Wednesday 13 April 2011

Former Tommie remembers time at STU fondly

It may have been close to 50 years ago but time can never erase the pride in being a Tommie.  Pat Barry, who will be inducted into the STU Sports Wall of Fame this summer, has his memories of life at STU and his time spent in Chatham before St. Thomas was moved to Fredericton.  There is an interesting article in today's Telegraph Journal chronicling a few of these memories.  If you thought our rivalry with UNB is new think again, it existed back in the 50's as well.  

"Those dates with the rival UNB squad highlighted the season's agenda, especially if the Tommies, who revelled in their David role against the Goliath UNB opponents, pulled out a victory...."Me and another fellow got in the back of a bakery truck between loaves of bread and the duffle bags. This is halfway to Fredericton from Chatham and the guy took us to the rink at UNB and dropped us off."  The result?  "We won the game." Barry said matter-of-factly."

Sometimes we must look back for a moment to get a better view of what lies ahead.  STU was an underdog then and we still are now to the big and wealthy school next door but we're on the road back Tommies fans, don't forget it.  Telegraph Journal: Former star in three sports at STU enjoyed every game, even a loss.

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