Monday 29 March 2010

STU Awards

The St. Thomas University Athletics Banquet was held tonight, with the men's and women's hockey awards among those handed out. The Friends of STU announced the winner of this year's Tommy Hughes Award at a pre-banquet reception.

Women's Hockey

Most Valuable Player - Kayla Blackmore
Rookie of the Year - Amy Kelbaugh
Most Improved Player - Amanda Burns
Defensive Player of the Year - Lucrece Nussbaum

Men's Hockey

Most Valuable Player - Kenton Dulle
Rookie of the Year - Kenton Dulle
Unsung Hero - Scott Judson
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Devan Praught
Top Defenseman - Erick Tremblay
Tommy Hughes Award - Ryan Lehr

Also, the Men's Hockey Team was honoured with the Leroy Washburn Community Service Award.

Congratulations to all.


  1. cant disagree with any choices except for rookie of the year possibly. I had Charlie Lavinge, but i think the not so strong ending to the season may have cost him the rookie award. Good for Juddy with his award.

    Girls, again, cant disagree. Amazing for Blackmore to come back from injury to win the award in the second half.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  2. All good choices.Ryan Lehr winning the Tommy Hughes Award was a good choice.

  3. I thought Dulle would take home most sportsmanlike..oops

  4. no man, Dietrich was the one who should have won most sportsmanlike.

  5. How did Blaclmore play half a season and get MVP??? What an insult to the other girls.

  6. Blackmore got MVP because she deserves MVP. Amazing comeback and all-round player who finished 5th in scoring despite only playing the second half.

  7. Rossignol had a better plus/minus, was there for every game, and ended up with almost twice the points. But, then again the coaches figure in different things such as where you live, who your parents are etc etc....and I gues the biggerst factor in this blog is who really cares anyway.

  8. yes, Kayla got MVP because shes a townie. She got MVP because shes part of the Blackmore family. Once again, STU fans logic strikes again.

    You could EASILY make a case for Lyse being MVP, but Kayla played great for a girl who missed out on the first half of the season.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~