Friday 5 February 2010

Tommies comeback Axed

The STU Tommies fell to the Acadia Axemen 6-4 tonight at the LBR, casting a deeper pall on their playoff hopes. Though the Tommies put forth their best effort in several games, a lack of discipline was their downfall.

STU started out strong as Corey Banfield continued his good play since his return to the lineup, beating Axemen goaltender Kris Westblom on a wrist shot to make it 1-0. Acadia responded as David Lomas tapped home a pass from behind the net at 18:57 to even the score at 1-1. Westblom stoned Kenton Dulle late in the first, then time ran out on an Acadia 2-on-1 chance and the period ended with the teams tied. STU outshot Acadia 11-7 in the opening frame.

The teams played even through the first half of the second, but Lomas took advantage of the rebound off a Jonathan Laberge shot on the power play at 11:30 to give Acadia the 2-1 lead. Adam McIllwraith beat Charles Lavigne after a centering pass to give the Axemen a 3-1 lead at 16:51. Acadia outshot STU 13-6 in the second period.

The Tommies made it interesting in the third as Corey Banfield scored to pull the Tommies to within a goal at 3:58, but then penalty trouble became STU's undoing as Spencer Jezegou scored 12 seconds into a 2-man advantage to restore Acadia's two goal lead. Kenton Dulle received both a 10-minute and a game misconduct at 9:43. At 12:45, Tyler Dietrich received a 5-minute cross checking major and traded roughing minors with Westblom. Dietrich also received a game misconduct. On the ensuing major penalty Andrew Clark scored to give the Axemen a 5-2 lead. After digging themselves a huge hole, STU began the comeback with Devan Praught persevering, recovering the puck after a Westblom pokecheck to score into the empty net to make it 5-3. With Lavigne on the bench for the extra attacker, a nice centering pass from Andrew Andricopoulos found Alex Labonte in front of the net, who beat Westblom with a wrist shot to pull the Tommies to within a goal. However, the Tommies could not completely erase the deficit, as Philippe Bertrand scored into the empty net with 30 seconds remaining to seal the 6-4 win for Acadia. Shots on goal in the third favoured the Axemen 8-7, who outshot the Tommies 28-24 overall.

With the loss, STU remains 4 points back of 6th place Dalhousie, who lost 5-3 to UPEI, and fall 2 points back of Moncton, who lost to Saint Mary's 3-2 in overtime. With only 3 games remaining in the regular season, the situation is dire for the Tommies as they face #10 ranked Saint Mary's tomorrow night at the LBR at 7pm. Daily Gleaner: Eagles 'embarrassed' by display


  1. They were so close and yet so far.It is nice tosee Cory Banfield,now if we could clone him.
    It is not done yet so I am not giving up tillI have to.

  2. Nah nah nah nah.....nah nah nah nah

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  4. with you there Oil Slick, im not giving up hope......BUT!

    We have to curtail the stupid stuff. I understand Dietrich was pissed about the Lomas hit non call and to a degree the Klie trip, both in front of Lockhart, but its a 4-2 game, lots of time on the clock, and you hit Emmanuelle in the head TWICE. You know your going to get called. As a hockey player, its a lot easier said than done.

    First period was very sloppy on both ends, we have a bad second period as both goals needed better defensive coverage on them and i know i heard Shep at the defense that it needed to tighten up better.

    Kenton Dulle did not deserve the 10 and a game because he didnt say anything. If anyone disagrees, your dead wrong because I am standing behind the bench and i hear lots of stuff said, but i didnt hear it. Lockhart may have been confused as there were 4 young men calling him every name in the book beside the Tommies bench.

    Glad Banfield is back.

    We need a huge effort tomorrow. Hopefully Cassidy is ready to play and we need a 60 minute game against Danton, Rancourt, Thornton, Fergus and company.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  5. On the bright side both Dal and UdeM should be in for tough games tomorrow as well...

  6. two things;

    1. I see in the Gleaner Eagles is deflecting the loss to the players....undisciplined play etc. Probably an effort to take the heat off himself.

    2. Everyone knows that he is a one man show in practice and on the bench. These players all have high emotions and usually think in the moment. Assistant coaches can often sense high anxiety in the players and calm them between shifts. on the STU bench asst coaches appear to have same role as water boys. and...before video guy counters, look at some videos of danny grant and others standing on the bench with their hands behind their backs....probably eagles tied them together before the game. You do know Danny Grant, right Video guy??? he played in the same league as eagles, has a rink named after him etc etc.

  7. i do know Danny Grant. Danny is a very nice guy and we have worked out in the gym before and always shakes my hand when he sees men. As well Justin Steinbach was a nice guy as well. But i disagree with the one man show comment. Eagles has changed as he asked Shep for advice and takes his insights before, during and after the game. I know this because I've seen it since I am around the team on game days. Eagles maybe has the personality of a control freak, but there is nothing wrong with that since there are many others in this world, including myself.

    Last nights loss should be on the players. Its not like Eagles went out and cross checked Emmanuelle in the head.

    And if your going to keep calling me out on this fourm, come down to the LBR. Tonite maybe your last chance. No one came over for a chat last night.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  8. Oh for God's sake Video Guy, drop the tough guy routine. It's a freaking conversation on here. Nobody's calling you out to "throw down".

    Back on point, no question, lack of discipline cost the team last night. But ultimately, LACK OF TALENT is the root cause. And that points directly back to Eagles.

  9. I have been quiet in terms of the whole "bashing Eagles after every loss" thing but when I read the story in today's Gleaner and see quotes such as "we get a call we don't like and the guys self destruct", "there is lack of mental toughness", "a lack of discipline", "we just didn't come as a team today" coming from the captain of all people it is a bit striking. All that stuff ultimately has to be put on the coaching staff, no? Even if you want to say the coaches aren't the ones taking the penalties and place the blame on the players it is the coaches who are bringing these types of guys in. I'm sorry but things just seem to be a mess with that team right now and, in my opinion, a change needs to be made.

  10. its not a tough guy routine, its a simple request to come over and talk and debate. Im not a fighter.

    Yes, the coaches need to be more accountable when it comes to penalties, bad ones at that, but the PLAYERS need to know now to take the dumb ones. They have been playing a high level of hockey since probably most of them were 7 years old so they should understand by now!

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  11. UNB Bruins Fan,

    This is off topic but I feel that it must be said.

    Please feel free to post here whenever you like. You are a solid UNB hockey fan and you are to be commended for that sir/madame.

    I think that most STU fans respect your point of view (may or may not share it) and appreciate your input. Thank you for the honesty you show in your posts.


  12. Thank you...I just like to talk and have mature debates about CIS and, especially, AUS hockey like most (stress MOST) people on here...and not try to stir stuff up for the sole purpose of getting a rise out of people like a small number of people seem to enjoy doing.

    PS: It's sir

  13. one word selfish.not a team,no chemistry on the ice.starting to lose faith in eagles.i think he could go behind the bench and put acadia out of the playoffs.

  14. well i`ve watched six games live and i have listened to the rest.seems like i might try doing something a little that the season is over why not.