Saturday 13 February 2010

Olympics - Team Switzerland 0 vs. Sweden 3

The Swiss women and the Tommies own Lucrece Nussbaum fell this afternoon to Sweden 3 - 0 at the Vancouver Olympics.

In 19 minutes and 21 seconds of ice time today, Lukey was a -1 but was solid.

Next game for Switzerland is against Team Canada on Monday afternoon. GO CANADA...sorry Lukey.


  1. congrats lukie!! it was amazing to watch you on the big screen today. your representing stu proudly, keep it up!! we miss you lots!

  2. I think Lukie represented her country and herself proudly. I know you would like to make it a STU thing. Give the kid credit!

  3. Another nice comment from another Anon@9:06. Lukie has said she is going to Vancouver to represent St. Thomas as well as her country. Lukie has made it a "STU thing" and STU is very proud of her and has given her full credit.

    Flame on...Flame on.

    How many people really think that these anonymous comments are coming from St. Thomas supporters?

    We are proud of you Lukey, keep it up.

  4. I'm not really sure what means when asking the question about anonymous comments are coming from St. Thomas supporters? Just because there's been criticism expressed about the state of the hockey programs at the school doesn't mean they aren't STU supporters. Accepting blindly the status quo doesn't isn't what being a STU supporter is all about. We want to make things better, and if something is wrong, we have every right to express that. Blind loyality is what you see in regressive societies.

  5. Shame on you Anonymous!!! The comment by Katie Brewster was clearly in support of her fellow teammate, and NOT to minimize Lukie representing herself or her country. Lukie attends STU and i'm sure her classmates and teammates are proud of this, and they are aware of the fact that Lukie is also representing STU. GO LUKIE GO!!!

  6. GO LUKIE!! Awesome play yesterday. You did STU proud. Way to go girl. Can't wait to have you back in the lineup. Keep up the great work.

    PS I'm leaving this comment as "Anonymous" but YES, I'm a STU Supporter! Just fyi STUTOMMIES.COM!!

  7. My mistake for not being clear. When anonymous posters say "you would like to make it a STU thing" or in a round about convoluted way is taking a jab at St. Thomas fans or the hockey programs, well I don't consider them supporters. Wondering if others are reading these the same way? We have been reading all of the comments for a year and a half and following along with our sitemeter, we aren't perfect but we have a good idea when the comments are flaming. We ignore the vast majority and will be going back into our monitoring mode, as opposed to commenting mode.

  8. I'm watching the Swiss Canada game instead of going to class...


    Go Lukie! We're all hoping for you! :)