Thursday 7 January 2010


Anthony Carlisle Memorial Trust Fund: The Tommies will pay tribute to Tony Carlisle on Saturday night when they take on the U deM Aigles Bleus. Carlisle played 3 years with St. Thomas and was killed in a car accident on December 15th. The proceeds of the 50/50 draw will be donated to the "Anthony Carlisle Memorial Trust Fund" to help fund the education of his 4 children. Donations can be made at any Royal Bank branch.

Battle of the Hill tomorrow: STU will head to Aitken Centre tomorrow night to take part in the 18th annual Mark Jeffrey Memorial game. The Tommies have battled the Squirrels hard this season and have 2 points to show for their efforts. Both teams will be short their top point producers as Kenton Dulle and Hunter Tremblay will be serving one game suspensions. Daily Gleaner: Lavigne may sit out Battle of the Hill

EDIT: Maybe tonight isn't the Mark Jeffrey memorial game ? ? ...whatever...throw tradition out the window at UNB as well. (Hey Tradition, say Hi to women's hockey) Perhaps some thought should be given to changing this quote at "His #17 Jersey was retired by the team and the annual Mark Jeffrey Memorial Game is played every year now as UNB’s second home game of the season against STU." Our mistake on this one, we apologize for the confusion.

Nova Scotia trip this weekend: The Ladies will be hitting the road for a pair of tough games against St-FX and Dalhousie. The Tommies are chasing both teams in the standings, one point behind Dal and seven behind X. You can catch the webcast of the St FX game courtesy of SSN Canada. Game time is 2 PM Saturday, CLICK HERE.

Out of the "you have to be kidding me" file: The CBC ran a story before Christmas (yes, we missed it until now) about how the squirrels in Fredericton have been chewing up LED Christmas lights. That's fine, all squirrels are pests, granted...but they actually interviewed a UNB Squirrel.
Dave Morell, marketing director for the UNB Varsity Reds teams, said that his year-round backyard lights only seem tasty to squirrels if they're blue or white. They won't touch red bulbs. "The squirrels in the neighbourhood here on the north side of Fredericton seem to like every colour LED light, except the red ones," he said. "And they will take their time and they will eat through the bulbs of every light. Except the red ones."
Really Dave...really? They won't touch the red ones, sounds like they are anti X-Men to me?? And as one smart commenter observed..."do they suck them very slowly, or crunch them very fast. When you eat your light bulbs, do you eat the red ones last?" Also a shout out to Gary Munn, he gets it!!! CBC Story


  1. I don't believe the Tommies vs. UNB game on Friday is the Mark Jeffrey Memorial Game. I believe this year's Jeffrey Memorial will be against Moncton. Not really sure why except it's pretty unusual for UNB to be playing STU so early in the second half, and on the Friday night as well. If somebody can clarify this, might be a good idea.

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  3. Kick a dead horse a little more and attribute everything to womens hockey. Makes sense. Almost as much sense as giving out a scholarship in the first game of the second half...hmmmmm glad doesn't stoop to crap posts like this

  4. unbhockeyfans talking about the tommies:
    The Tommies took third in the tournament; they lost a hard fought battle 4-3 to UdeM in the opening game of the tournament, then bounced back the next day, defeating UofT 3-2 is a great consolation final game. talking about UNB: Maybe tonight isn't the Mark Jeffrey memorial game ? ? ...whatever...throw tradition out the window at UNB as well. (Hey Tradition, say Hi to women's hockey)

  5. This is not the Mark Jeffery game.But Jake Allen will be there.
    STU will be fine this weekend.Nice to see them honor Tony Carlisle.

  6. It looks the Mark Jeffery game is vs Moncton on WED Feb 3.It was on their program. That could be a first.