Thursday 14 January 2010

Daily Gleaner: "Playoffs well within Reich for Tommies"

In today's Gleaner, Bruce Hallihan profiles hard as nails Tommies' centre Mike Reich.
"Coming into junior, I was always looked at as a skill player with bite."

Reich misses fighting - sometimes.

"It was a bit of a difficult adjustment at first," he said. "There are a lot of 'tough guys' in the AUS because no one's allowed to fight. That leads to a lot of chirping and the odd dirty stickwork, but you've just got to adapt and go with the speed of the game."

Eagles is content with how Reich has chipped in offensively.

"Offence isn't something he should hang his hat on," Eagles said. "Mike Reich has to be an aggressive, physical player. His offence is a by-product of his hard work and competitiveness."
Whenever you go to a new league it is going to be an adjustment and we think "the Reicher" has done an exceptional job making that adjustment. Great work Mike! FULL STORY


  1. yeah its great work if you also add up the penalties reich and the rest of the western connection add to the games, hard to win in the box, but penalties doesn't seem to bother Eagles.

  2. Penalties bother the team dude. Maybe you should stand behind the bench like I do and listen to the groans when guys take dumb penalties on the team.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~