Wednesday 30 December 2009

Remembering Mike Power

In today's Daily Gleaner, Dave Ritchie remembers his co-worker and friend Mike Power who left us all to early back in May of this year. We know that women's hockey in the city of Fredericton miss Mr. Power greatly because as Dave points out, "It didn't seem to matter whether it was high school or university, girls or boys, summer or winter. He was interested, as much, it seemed, in the people involved than the sport they represented. "

Thank you Mike, you will be remembered. David Ritchie: 2009: Remembering our former colleague and his love of local sports


  1. I was a big fan of Mike's writing. He was very pointed in stuff he had to say. He also pushed hard for women's hockey and had plenty to say about UNB's decision to club the women's program. Mike also covered a lot of university stuff, and I enjoyed his coverage of the STU basketball teams.

  2. As good a writer and reporter as he was, he was an even better guy. We miss him terribly.