Wednesday 25 November 2009


Tommies' new arena: To the left is the architect's rendition of the new Grant-Harvey Centre, the new home for St. Thomas Tommies hockey. The project has not entered the construction phase yet, so it will probably be the fall of 2011 or winter of 2012 before STU takes the ice.

Photo credit: The Daily Gleaner

Who's in? Who's out?: I guess we will have to wait and see but to date there has been no ruling on the Corey Banfield or Kenton Dulle suspensions. If no decision has been made by now there is obviously some validity to the appeals. In regard to the Banfield suspension, was it the "hit" that hurt the Saint Mary's player or the subsequent hit when he bounced off the glass divider? Are they one in the same or are they different? Tough call and the AUS officials must be pondering some sort of similar questions.

EDIT: This was in today's (Friday, Nov. 27) Daily Gleaner:
According to AUS executive director Phil Currie, the one-game suspensions to forwards Kenton Dulle and Corey Banfield assessed by AUS hockey chair John Ryan were dismissed by an appeals committee on a matter of procedure.

Ryan apparently erred in not giving the student-athletes a chance to respond to the complaint launched by Saint Mary's. Therefore, the judicial committee dismissed the suspensions. Saint Mary's resubmitted to women's hockey chair Pierre Arsenault of Mount Allison University.

He had 48 hours to review the video, and the athletes have three days to respond in writing.
The last paragraph is a tad confusing but I don't think anyone is suspended. End Edit.

As for the wounded Tommies, Tyler Dietrich will be back, Bryan Main is still out, and Charles Lavigne is probable but not 100%.

Lady Tommies on CHSR: Saturday's game versus UdeM will be broadcast on 97.9 CHSR. Game time is 4PM. You can expect this game to be close and physical as these provincial rivals take it up a notch against each other. If we're lucky the Tommies will pull out a regulation win but it would be nice to see another seven deep shoot out like the one in Moncton a few weeks back. Edit: Some interesting reading in today's Gleaner courtesy of Bill Hunt.

Former Tommie returning Friday night: When UPEI comes to the LBR on Friday night there should be a familiar face behind the Panther's bench. Mark Rupnow (STU Tommies 92-95) is the "interim" assistant coach for the Panthers or at least he was over the weekend for both UPEI home games. We wish Mark well.....but not on Friday night.


  1. So.....I wonder how much money STU is dumping into this building that could go to support other teams that get nothing?


  2. Your diatribes are getting tiresome, SHGTMM. You say other teams get nothing? How the hell do they get to Halifax and Charlottetown on a regular basis to play ACAA games? As for the building, STU needs a new facility big-time. My only question: will this building be built in our lifetime? The city doesn't move at a very fast pace for things like this.

  3. That will be neat if Mark Rupnow is behind the bench.

  4. i love the LBR, but a new rink is essential. Not just for the tommies, but for minor and junior and high school and adult hockey, as well as speed and figure skating. So everyone is buying in to RENT the rink, Tommies included.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  5. Tommies are the major tenant. They're sinking money in to customize dressing room, weight room, coaches offices, etc. That will be at their expense, I'm told.

  6. Nice to see a fully funded and supported female hockey team at STU. UNB would not even continue to throw minimal dollars at their female team.

  7. To clarify: Dulle and Banfield have had their suspensions overturned as of now, but it's in the hands of Pierre Arsenault. Essentially, it's a fresh case. The players have three days to respond in writing and Arsenault can issue new (and stronger) suspensions if he wishes, can issue the one game suspensions again or choose not to suspend at all.

  8. Where dead arguments live on
    -Men's hockey gets too much money
    -UNB doens't have womens hockey
    -AUS refs are bad

    Next Week
    -Who killed Tupac and Biggie
    -Should fighting be taken out of hockey

  9. ^^Totally agree. People just keep saying the same crap over and over again without looking at the positive points of the team/game.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  10. go tommies,unlike some people i realize what great competition the team plays against.

  11. So if The UNB Squirrels lost every game there would be no comments by there fans? Yeah right.
    The Tommies will be fine .

  12. Don't forget to add Eagles can't do both jobs.

  13. When they move to the new rink, will the goof who parks the HNB van in the fire lane get a paid spot or will it be in a handicapped zone.

  14. Hey,
    at least the HNB van is something new to crap about.

  15. I notice that van there all the time also. Is it a goof dude or a goof dudette?