Friday 6 November 2009

One GO vs. SMU, one NO GO vs. SMU

Bad news first. The Lady Tommies' game this weekend versus the Saint Mary's Huskies has been postponed, not enough bodies to fill out the roster. Nothing has been rescheduled at this time. NO GO.

Good news second. The men's game versus the Saint Mary's Huskies has been rescheduled for Sunday afternoon at 3 PM. It's a GO.

The regularly scheduled game against the Acadia Axemen will still be played Saturday evening at 7 PM. Let's hope everyone has fully recuperated.

Daily Gleaner: STU men back on ice today


  1. I wonder if some universities are using this ploy to gain time to get key players into the line up? With the races so tight, it would be an interesting stat to look up.

    STU Gets too Much Money for Hockey Guy.

  2. ^ OR, they could be worried about spreading germs....kind of a big thing called H1N1 going around.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  3. WOW H1N1 you say? Should you make a separate post for that? I doubt that a lot of people are aware.

    I can think of numerous incidents where players, coaches, did whatever they can to win. You have heard of Mark McGuire, Manny, or the Chi White Sox?
    You seem to not be interested in carring on a conversation or discussion, but rather attack the person sending the post. Consider the Calgary Flames, Saint John Team, and numerous adults that wtook the N1H1 shot and pushed aside the groups at risk.

  4. ^^Its not a ploy and this isint the major leagues. There is a sickness going around that could be huge if it spreads and they are doing the SMART thing and not playing the game until everyone is healthy. Its health concerns, not the fact you need everyone. STU had 11 guys sick, so on a team of 21 players like STU does, you could roll 2 lines and 4 defense and a goalie. Would that be fair? In a physical game with 3 twenty minute periods.

    I would love to have a discussion, but your the one going on about how i dont.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~