Friday 9 October 2009

Tommies enter regular season on high note

St. Thomas played the part of the gracious host tonight at the LBR, spotting the Dalhousie Tigers a 3 goal lead within the first half of the first period. Goaltender Charles Lavigne then shut the door and the Tommies found their game, scoring the next 9 en route to a 10-4 victory to finish the exhibition schedule with a 3-3 record.

Devan Praught led the Tommies assault on Tigers' goalies Josh Disher and Chris Wall with a hat trick, including a penalty shot marker late in the game. Matt Eagles chipped in 2 goals and 2 assists, including a seeing-eye redirection of an Andrew Andricopoulos point shot in the second period. Ryan Lehr also scored a pair for STU, including the go-ahead 4th goal that chased Dal starter Disher from the crease for the night.

Other Tommies with multiple point nights: Alex Labonte (1G-2A), Wes Welcher (2A), Andricopoulos (2A), Jason Cassidy (1G-1A), Max Chamberland (2A) and Tyler Dietrich (1G-1A).

The shots on goal favoured Dalhouse 34 (11-10-13) against STU 31 (9-12-10).

This was an important statement game for the Tommies, both in soundly defeating the Tigers - a team earnestly seeking to return to the AUS playoff picture, for their own confidence in finishing the preseason on a high note, and in putting on an offensive display in front of the home crowd. Daily Gleaner: Tommies flex offensive muscles in final pre-season exhibition

The Tommies hit the road to open the regular season in Moncton next Friday night (Oct. 16th), with UPEI on the schedule for Saturday night (Oct. 17th). The games can be heard live on 95.7 The Wolf ( with Randy Corey and Harold DeCourcey returning to the booth once again this season.


  1. Praught didnt get a trick. Wynn scored the weird bounce goal in the first period and they gave it to Praught. But Praught looked like he lost some weight in the summer and he came to play and he looked fantastic.

    I liked the effort being down 3 in the first 10 minutes. I saw ghosts of last season in those 10 minutes but wow, the team is really good. Tad small, but quick with lots of heart. And Banfield and Estey didnt even play.

    Lavinge was stellar. I think they should take "The Monster" away from Jonas Gustavsson and give it to Charles. I dont think any goals were his fault.

    But Eagles best move of the season is bringing me back to do video. I am unable to retire.

    ~Tommies Video Guy~ (5 Years Strong)

  2. And the shots on goal were an improvement too.

  3. who cares about the shots on goal when the final score was in STU's favour?

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  4. I was very impressed by a couple things that we haven't seen in the last few years out of this team:

    1. We didn't quit down 3 early. That would make the team last year or the year before mail it in. We showed a great effort and kept working and the goals went in.

    2. We put in the full 60 minutes. We cut the shots against down and let Charlie see the pucks.

    Charlie played well. It's cool to hear the goalie being so vocal.

  5. Welcome back video guy. They looked good after coming back from 3-0.I think Ryan Lehr looked good.He seems a bit bigger and he put the puck in the right net.
    I a nice squrriel fan on Friday,not too many of them out there,although I do know more then one. He was at the game with pen and program and had all his info by the 2nd period.He could have his own website or is a spy.LOL.
    Yankee Fan/Oilslick.

  6. I stuck around until the last few minutes of the 3rd and still missed 2 goals...

    I was just scouting the teams for evil purposes.

    My unbiased thoughts - Dalhousie looks much bigger this year but didn't play that way. I don't know if they were trying to draw penalties by falling every time a Tommie hit them or if they are just soft, but it became laughable. The hits weren't that hard.

    A win is a win. The Tommies were much better on this night. Shots didn't fully reflect that.

  7. Come on Oil slick, get your head in the game. Sure, Squirrels are all nice and cute but don't let your guard down for one second. Show him one acorn of information and the next thing you know he bites you.


    :-) :-) :-)

    What are you doing over here anyways Squirrel Spy? You have enough acorns to look after this close to winter!! You added another mouth to feed this week, better get to work. By the looks of it, that Kidd is going to take plenty.

  8. Yes, a win is a win, but it's easier to win when you keep the shots against down. A lot better than 50-20 type nights we saw last year. But nobody will turn their nose up at the win.
    Devan Praught looked good. Proved last year's scoring touch wasn't a fluke, and he went to the corners and drove the net, things he did not do last year.
    Tremblay is showing an edge. Very nice to see. Wynn looked more poised with the puck. Eagles is a player. That tip shot was just pure vision. And there's a confidence out there with Lavigne in goal. Still a ways to go, but on the right track.

  9. the Gleaner made no reference to the pre game ceremony The Tommies had ffor Hammy Kitchen.

    Hats off to Hammy.

  10. In the Gleaner's defense, Bill Hunt had an excellent article in memoriam to Mr. Kitchen last Wednesday. And they sent one of their "new guys" to cover the game, for whom the pre-game ceremony may not have resonated as deeply as the older guys who've been around the Freddy sports scene for years. I don't think any criticism is warranted in this case.

  11. BARRY COLLRIN.B.A. 68Wed Oct 14, 01:17:00 pm GMT-3

    The Tommies have very quietly assembled some "new" to go with the "old" and I for one believe that they will be upwardly mobile in the standings.
    I witnessed MANY practices and all but one exhibition games and saw steady improvement in all areas.
    I believe that Charles Lavigne will prove to be the BEST goaltender in Canadadian CIS hockey and the assortment of new recruits from across the country should silence those critics who take any and all opportunity to slam the coaching and recruiting staff at St.Thomas.
    Now,admittedly,I am far from being a neutral bystander when it comes to Tommies hockey but in all fairness,compliments MUST be extended to the "mens hockey group" for what has turned out to be a very good recruiting year and has given the coaching staff a little more to work with.
    There will need to have many roles filled this year and this team is certainly has the personelto do this and are already more than the sum of their parts.