Monday 26 October 2009


Lady Tommies home opener: After 2 weeks on the road the Tommies finally get to play their home opener on Friday night. It isn't going to be easy as 3 and 1 St-FX come in to do battle. The Tommies have a little pay back on their minds as the X-Women defeated STU 5 to 1 in their home opener on October 16th.

Sweden gets the nod: Sweet Caroline Hammerheim is the female athlete of the week at St. Thomas.

The female athlete of the week is Caroline Hammerheim of the Women's Hockey programme. Caroline played two very strong games for us on the weekend scoring 2 goals on 11 shots, one in our 4-2 win over MTA and one in our 3-1 loss to UPEI. Caroline is a fifth year player from Bromma Sweden. STU Release

Short benched: The Tommies were a little short staffed this past weekend with only five defensemen and nine forwards dressed. Kathleen Boyle is still out with an injury, Alexis Laird is in the very demanding Social Work program and had work to do that couldn't wait. This is the price you pay for having 10 Academic All Canadians on the team. Rumour has it the Ladies are convinced they will have more AAC's this year. Good luck Ladies, you can do it!!

It's Squirrel season: No I'm not talking about hunting, although the no no. UNB comes down the hill Wednesday night for the first regular season meeting of the two teams. With recent history being soundly against us, we have our fingers crossed for a positive outcome. With the probable loss of two defensemen for this game the Tommies will be in tough against a loaded opponent. It's just fact people, they are 4 and 0 so far this season and have one of the deepest rosters (if not the deepest) in the CIS. We aren't going soft, we still have our habitual hate-on for our rodent neighbours, but you have to be realistic.

If the score ends up unflattering like the exhibition game at Willie O'Ree Place (We hope it doesn't and are looking for a win from STU just like everyone else) its OK. This time we won't be alone. UPEI, U deM, SMU, Brock, and McGill have all felt the Squirrel bite but perhaps this time we BITE BACK. YEAH!


  1. Barry Collrin,B.A. 68Tue Oct 27, 11:52:00 am GMT-3

    Adversity sometimes brings out the best in people and wednesday could be one of those nights.
    Wednesday could be the opportunity of a lifetime to shine.
    Lets hope for everybody to be ready to do their best and compete hard and clean and the outcome should be just.
    Fans,do your part and take advantage of what might be a classic showdown,show the team that you support them and STU and get there.

    Barry Collrin,B.A.68

  2. OMG... your continued optimism is nauseating.

  3. I think STU can win against the Squirrels.If they do not there are other times they will have a chance to do so.
    Yankee fan/Oilslick

  4. whats wrong with optimism? hes a fan, not everyone in the world has to cheer for the Reds

    ~Tommies Video Guy~

  5. I'm pretty sure I know the little squirrel that posted that one. Shouldn't you be out collecting acorns instead of writing messages on here?

  6. Exactly, would you rather have him say "we can't win, shouldn't even bother playing the game, etc."?

  7. I do like STU but i find the squirrel jokes a little tiresome, because they make no sense (yes i have read your article on the origin of a squirrel) So from here on out i am giving you a nickname squirrelhater. From now on you will be known as "Gold Digger" A little hollow upstairs, a little dirty when you need to be and you spend all your time sleeping beside the guy with all the assets, waiting for them to kiel over becaue that's the only way they're coming your way.

    I look forward to a good and competitive game tomorrow night, should be an exciting one.

    Great job on the website, i like the new design